The Tapping Toolbox Simple Mind-Body Techniques to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Pain, and More

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Sometimes the key to feeling better is knowing where to tap.
Rooted within energy psychology, tapping is a mind-body technique used to treat a range of psychological, interpersonal, and physical health problems, from chronic pain and traumatic stress to athletic performance and addictive cravings.
Written by Dr. Fred Gallo, a foremost pioneer and energy psychology innovator, The Tapping Toolbox is the perfect primer for anyone looking to learn more about the philosophy and research behind tapping, as well as how to apply this simple, yet powerful, technique to resolve their most difficult problems. Written in a conversational and accessible manner, this toolbox offers:
Step-by-step tapping protocols with an illustrative transcript detailing each step
Tapping sequences using emotional freedom techniques, thought field therapy, and the midline technique
Practical exercises to use in tandem with tapping
Strategies for overcoming treatment barriers, including stabilization, continuous tapping, and layering
Detailed case examples for treating various diagnoses, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain
And more!
With The Tapping Toolbox, the power to resolve emotional distress and connect to your innate health and wisdom lies at the tips of your fingers.

5 reviews for The Tapping Toolbox Simple Mind-Body Techniques to Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Pain, and More

  1. Steven Gentile

    Bought this book after being recommended it from my therapist . I was skeptical at first however … I have been using the tapping techniques every day to help with my anxiety and heal my body . This truly is amazing and more people need to know about this ! Really teaches you how the mind is connected to your body . I’ve been feeling a lot of emotional relief from anxiety symptoms since practicing tapping techniques from this book and i have already recommended it to everyone i know . Great for beginners . Don’t knock it till you try it .

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  2. Robin Bilazarian

    This book is a champion of the highly beneficial mind-body techniques for self-help and for psychotherapy that supersedes talk therapy. Essentially, this tapping sends a calming signal to the brain which shuts down agitated stress responses and re-establishes emotional and physical balance. Dr. Fred Gallo is a pioneer of these techniques and here is one more of his written masterpieces. Written in simple and understandable language, this book is a guide to teach anyone how to release mental, emotional and physical tensions and even pain.

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  3. m.s.

    After months of searching for a cure of my panic and anxiety disorder after a terrible miscarriage, I came across Fred’s book on Energy Tapping for Trauma. This book was the first one to really understand my pain and suffering from trauma and how trauma gets stuck in the body and how one forgets certain aspects and how to address it energetically. His understanding was also coming from his own history of trauma. After months of working with traditional therapists, medication and acceptance therapy, I still couldn’t get out of this traumatic loop filled with hundreds of triggers. I reached out to him and we had multiple sessions. I also read this book and can clearly say, Dr Fred has vast knowledge of energy psychology, years of experience and establishes a great report with his clients. Not only have I begun to feel relief, many of my memories have become a distant memory of my past. I also love how he transforms dying pain to healing pain! His book is easy to read, easy to understand, we just have to tap in and use the toolbox of methods that is lying inside us!

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  4. Goyo

    This book is clear and teaches you how to enhance your psychological health. Amazing

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  5. Diane R. Stoler

    The Tapping Toolbox is a toolbox. Along with knowing what method is best for each individual, Dr. Gallo includes specific case studies, which methods were used, and why. He also gives us a “Trouble-Tapping” chapter, which provides insight into adjusting the method to get the best results, including an emphasis on the importance of the relationship and rapport. And then there are chapters on “Transforming Trauma and PTSD”, “From Pain to Gain”, and more. The Tapping Toolbox is a must-read for anyone wanting an easy read that provides an understandable background of Tapping and explains the primary methods and specific protocols for Anxiety, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Depression, and Panic Disorder. ~
    Dr Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed. D
    Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Health Psychologist, Board Certified Sports Psychologist

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