Motivational Interviewing for Mental Health Clinicians: A Toolkit for Skills Enhancement

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Conversations about change can be challenging. In this motivational interviewing (MI) toolkit, you will find a variety of tools and strategies designed to help you apply the spirit of MI so you can more effectively evoke people’s own interests, experiences, and good ideas for change. Designed for mental health clinicians who want to deepen their learning and proficiency, this toolkit provides:
-Examples of how to use MI to support people experiencing a variety of mental health issues
-Activities to help you more deeply explore the fundamental concepts, spirit, and tools of MI
-Sample conversation scripts that demonstrate the MI skills in practice
-Exercises to assess your progress and gain confidence in your skills
-Tools to help you integrate MI more fully into your practice
Most importantly, this toolkit offers a variety of flexible opportunities for you to actively practice the core skills of MI: Use them on your own, with a partner, with a team of colleagues, or within an MI learning community.

5 reviews for Motivational Interviewing for Mental Health Clinicians: A Toolkit for Skills Enhancement

  1. heather richter

    Definitely a great book I’ve read it before and now again after my last one got lost.

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  2. Kiki Smith

    Learning a lot in my Interviewing techniques course, and this book is part of the course.

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  3. Violin Dee

    Great book for learning motivational interviewing or just for learning how to positively interact with people who suffer from substance abuse. Great book for therapists!

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  4. Michelle

    So glad I bought this…..great info!

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  5. Jennifer Pauk

    I’ve been finding this workbook very helpful in solidifying MI concepts and skills! It pulls together lots of information and gives specific examples and tools that can be used with clients. It’s easy to use, gives me lots of ideas about how to approach a variety of problems and issues. I think it would be useful to use when supervising new clinicians to teach and encourage MI use!

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