The ACT Approach: A Comprehensive Guide for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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Congratulations to Timothy Gordon, Jessica Borushok and The ACT Approach: A Comprehensive Guide for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on winning the gold medal at the 2018 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards for editorial and design excellence in the Psychology category!
“Clearly written, entertaining, informative, and very clinically focused.”
– Kirk Strosahl, PhD, cofounder of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
The ACT Approach is the ultimate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) resource all clinicians need to more their clients and therapy forward.
Combining the foundational knowledge of ACT with practical guidance, strategies, and techniques, you can begin to use ACT immediately with any client that walks through your door. Highly recommended by other ACT experts, this workbook is filled with unique tools you won’t find anywhere else:
– Reproducible handouts & worksheets
– Mindfulness scripts
– Experiential exercises
– Transcripts from therapy sessions with line by line analysis
Includes specific case examples and treatment strategies for:
– Anxiety Disorders
– Depression
– Chronic Pain
– Substance Use
– Borderline Personality Disorder
– Adults, Children, Couples, Families and Groups!

5 reviews for The ACT Approach: A Comprehensive Guide for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  1. Natalie Antje Ulrich

    A good, short introduction to the ACT model. It doesn’t focus on metaphors or exercises and instead does a good job of showing how you can flexibly integrate the processes of the ACT model into your clinical conversations.

    I especially appreciate the annotated examples of client-therapist conversations provided. Very helpful!

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  2. Ouzola Customer


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  3. Beach1992

    This is a great tool for clinicians. I recommend it

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  4. Ouzola Customer

    Very clear techniques. Best book I read this year. I am using it for clients with mental health issues. Good read

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  5. Tori

    Many run-on sentences. Written in a conversational tone, but still used jargon to help the reader get used to the ACT language to apply it in their practice. I wanted a more formal intro and resource for this type of therapy working with adolescents, and upon reading the first 4 chapters and the chapter on children/adolescents – I was a little disappointed. The exercises are geared more towards younger children and I didn’t find it all that useful, however, they state several times that ACT is flexible and the therapist can adapt to what works best for their clients. I found myself getting confused at times, the information could have benefited from a bit more organization.

    Anyone looking for ACT info working with adolescents, I also bought ACT for adolescents by Turrell and Bell and it is more textbook-like, yet is easy to follow and more organized.

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