Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2 – 2 Edition

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Now completely revised (over 90% new), this is the authoritative diagnostic manual grounded in psychodynamic clinical models and theories. Explicitly oriented toward case formulation and treatment planning, PDM-2 offers practitioners an empirically based, clinically useful alternative or supplement to DSM and ICD categorical diagnoses. Leading international authorities systematically address personality functioning and psychological problems of infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age, including clear conceptualizations and illustrative case examples. New to This Edition*Significant revisions to all chapters, reflecting a decade of clinical, empirical, and methodological advances.*Chapter with extended case illustrations, including complete PDM profiles.*Separate section on older adults (the first classification system with a geriatric section).*Extensive treatment of psychotic conditions and the psychotic level of personality organization.*Greater attention to issues of culture and diversity, and to both the clinician’s and patient’s subjectivity.*Chapter on recommended assessment instruments, plus reproducible/downloadable diagnostic tools.*In-depth comparisons to DSM-5 and ICD-10-CM throughout.Sponsoring associations include the International Psychoanalytical Association, Division 39 of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, the American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, and five other organizations.Winner–American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize (Clinical Category)

21 reviews for Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, Second Edition: PDM-2 – 2 Edition

  1. The Keil Family

    An incredible diagnostic text

    This is an incredible diagnostic text and is an evolved clinicians alternative to the DSM-5. Although it specifically outlines and connects psychodynamic theory to the DSM-5 in a specific section, it goes layers deeper than the DSM through its unique axes. The components give rise to richer understandings of the people we treat, rather than simply pinpointing a clustering of symptoms. What use is it to know where the bumps and bruises are? This text is a guide to the etiology of such wounds and through a deep understanding offers therapists a guide into the psyche of one who carries such ails, providing clinicians different ways of being as one navigates through the rich, compassionate, and scientifically based descriptions of various personality styles, organization, and domains of functioning . Throughout the text you can hear the down to earth and easily understandable psychodynamic writings of Nancy McWilliams. This text will not only give you more compassion but can help you to diagnose more accurately, conceptualize in multidimensional ways, and most importantly guide your treatment in a way that connects and creates depth.

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  2. William A. MacGillivray

    Diagnosis and treatment for real human problems

    I have little to add to the already fine comments noted in the blurb and in the recent review. As someone “present at the beginning” (only a mere observer) of the discussions of the brilliant clinicians and researchers who took so much time out of their lives to compile this remarkable text (all royalties will go to a research fund, not the authors), I can only add my admiration for the thoroughness of their accomplishment. In particular, their work is a marked advance over the PDM in fleshing out both the rationale for their approach and providing the tools for others to actually use this text in both clinical work and research. One unpleasant observation, however, is required: This text reminds us how far away the mental health establishment is from doing both in-depth clinical work and research efforts that are tied to “real world” outcomes. Will working clinicians have the time and resources to complete the in-depth assessments that the PDM2 lays out as essential in guiding clinical work? Will researchers abandon the useless categories of the DSM5 to develop research methods that take into account the real complexity of human experience that the PDM2 demands as essential? This text is a dagger thrust into the mindless (and heartless) enthusiasms of “evidence-based” research and therapies divorced from human experience.

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  3. Dan

    A great complement to the DSM-5

    I bought this book with a lot of anticipation and I wasn’t disappointed. It is well written and works as a great complement to the DSM-5. While DSM-5 provides the diagnostic criteria, this book provide the theory how to understand the disorder and the subjective experience of the patient. This is a substantial improvement from the first edition.

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  4. Anne T

    Terrible bedtime story book. Much better for grad students.

    This is a dry, straightforward diagnostician’s manual. There are no space monsters or love scenes at all. After reading this, I feel much more ready to write an academic paper or to evaluate my patients in my clinical work, but my godson thought it was the most boring bedtime story ever.

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  5. Sweet

    Use it teaching residents

    Has a lot of classic readings and experts cited. Should be used in supervision of therapy cases using psychodynamics, MDs, PhDs, DSWs, others.

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  6. Federico Soto


    must have, excellent book

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  7. inlori Customer

    Five Stars

    Good book and good service

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  8. Laurie Hawkes

    Tellement intéressant.

    J’adore la vision qu’offre le PDM. Les différents axes, tellement plus souples que ceux du DSM. Le fait de regarder une personnalité en l’évaluant sur une échelle allant de “saine” à psychotique. Une vision plus humaniste des personnes que celles des autres nosographies.

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  9. Marco Giannini

    Five Stars

    Great job!

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  10. Maria

    Great book!

    A must-have for all practionners, as all other books from Mrs. McWilliams. Very helpful, clear explanations, not too easy, not too difficult. Explains the motives under the disorder and makes the discrimination from childhood to elderly. Worth its price!

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  11. Theresa

    Five Stars

    Must-have for all conditions to understand patient issues and dynamics and treatment

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  12. denise vecchio

    Super contenta

    Il libro è arrivato in perfette condizioni, tutte le pagine perfette.
    Scatola contenente il libro ben sistemata.
    Consigliato 100

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  13. LP

    good price for this essential book

    Very good price for this essential book. This is a must-read for humanist and psychodynamic therapists

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  14. Morfin

    Excelente libro para la clínica psicoanalítica

    – Especifica los trastorno desde la
    – Clasificado y ordenados patológica según su desarrollo psicológico
    – Anexos con evaluación

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  15. Anne selena Silva

    Tutto ok

    Bene come prodotto.

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  16. Faith Carlson

    Great job fast product thnks

    Thanks, fast download, perfect product

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  17. Sharon Lewis-Bultsma

    Excellent diagnostic tool

    Excellent diagnostic tool

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  18. M. Hux

    Really great basic foundational information to inform psychological treatment

    This will be a standard reference for me,. Not a quick read but go-to for important topics.

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  19. Peter Pan

    Good buy

    Needed this book

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  20. IP

    Love it!

    Great customer service! The book is amazing!

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    Great desk reference

    Great desk reference

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