Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

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handbook of contemporary cognitive behavioral scholarship provides a historical and theoretical overview of CBT, summarizes the empirical support for the approach, describes the main strategies and techniques, and outlines an array of CBT treatment packages.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment that focuses on shifting unhelpful thinking or behavior patterns to more adaptive thinking or behavior patterns. An extensive body of empirical research confirms that CBT is highly efficacious in treating depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental illness. Edited by renowned CBT scholar and practitioner Amy Wenzel, this handbook’s in-depth coverage, up-to-date research, and rich clinical examples, make it an invaluable resource for all clinicians who offer CBT.

26 reviews for Handbook of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,


    Clear, simple, CBT tools.

    This book is perfect for therapists who want to teach their clients CBT techniques, in session and as homework. The various tasks are straightforward and suitable for a wide variety of clients. I highly recommend this CBT workbook.

    Helpful? 54 0
  2. Shahriar Heydari

    Well written. It's for the clinician not for patient

    Nicely written book. This book is intended for providers and practitioners not patients.

    Helpful? 19 0
  3. Dr. Anakin

    Good - Not great

    This workbook would be much better if it was about twice as long and contained twice as many worksheets. It is written well and there is a lot of great content. However, the workbook is limited in some ways and really should have been expanded upon (especially when considering newer clinicians).

    Helpful? 10 0
  4. Perla fuentes

    Love this

    As a student, I love this book not only for the worksheets but for the CBT explanations.

    Helpful? 8 0
  5. Paul Giordano

    Must read

    Extremely eye opening

    Helpful? 7 0
  6. Krystie


    Working through this book with my therapist and has been life changing

    Helpful? 6 0
  7. Melissa West

    Great book!

    Great book and an easy read!

    Helpful? 5 0
  8. Ina Jetter

    Excellent book for counselors and therapists.

    This is a great therapeutic tool use in sessions when incorporating CBT with your clients

    Helpful? 5 0
  9. kitkat123

    So informative

    This book speaks too me. It was the missing piece of the puzzle.

    Helpful? 4 0
  10. vjf

    Great Book

    Recommend by my therapist.

    Helpful? 4 0
  11. inlori Customer


    Very informative and beneficial

    Helpful? 3 0
  12. Marilyn Mota

    Good buy

    Item as described. Helpful.

    Helpful? 3 0
  13. Teresa Range-Eca

    Awesome workbook

    Workbook has been very helpful was more than I expected excellent

    Helpful? 3 0
  14. BrooklynRaised


    I love how the authors break down how to use CBT for a variety of diagnoses. This has been both helpful for me as a new clinician and it has helped my clients as well. I wish that they made a book like this for children and adolescents. Until they do I just break it down in a kid friendly way.

    Helpful? 2 0
  15. inlori Customer

    Awesome book for working with clients and groups

    I’ve used a lot of the information provided in this book for working with clients individually and in groups. There are worksheets included and they are also very helpful.

    Helpful? 2 0
  16. RS


    This is truly a wonderful resource. I love it for its accessibility. It packs a wealth of information in a really easy-to-access way. Worksheets are straight forward. Explanations are straight-forward. Brilliant and excellent. Honestly, the best book I’ve found besides Judith Beck’s text. All other texts are just meh. I feel confident doing CBT using this resource.

    Helpful? 2 0
  17. Cinnamon

    Helpful for some...

    This book seems very informative and it will be helpful to the right audience.
    However, for me, I’m not finding it that helpful in my line of work.

    Helpful? 2 0
  18. Dra. Aracely Ortiz Lopez

    Un libro de mucha utilidad.

    Es un libro muy útil, fácil de leer y estructurado. Va a ser de gran ayuda, para toda aquella persona, que desee sanar. También para profesionales de la salud.

    Helpful? 2 0
  19. Ricacha Jimenez


    Love this book. I am using this in group work right now and they are soaking it up. I read each chapter, take notes and present it in a discussion format. I give the worksheets as homework assignments.

    Helpful? 2 0
  20. Stacey Niederhofer

    Keeps me up to date- I’m an LCDC

    Great info on cognitive behavior…., in which I use along side my chemical dependency counseling. Lots of good exercises to use with clients and groups!

    Helpful? 0 0
  21. Brooke Peak

    Love it

    Amazing just amazing

    Helpful? 0 0
  22. kyna moore

    Very useful

    Great for sharing worksheets with clients.

    Helpful? 0 0
  23. mariana garcia

    Super useful!!!

    Informative and useful!

    Helpful? 0 0
  24. Grace Costa

    I need this book for class I’m taking. Thank youRequired book

    I need this book for class I’m taking. Thank you

    Helpful? 0 0
  25. Joelene Smith

    Great layout

    This book has a great layout page by page. It is easy to print with it being a spiral-bound book.

    Helpful? 0 0
  26. FunOne46


    Bought this for my son. He found it helpful. I chose it because it gives good information (at the end of the book) and it has good exercises to work through.

    Helpful? 0 0
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