DBT® Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, 2 Edition

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Featuring more than 225 user-friendly handouts and worksheets, this is an essential resource for clients learning dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, and those who treat them. All of the handouts and worksheets discussed in Marsha M. Linehan’s DBT® Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, are provided, together with brief introductions to each module written expressly for clients. Originally developed to treat borderline personality disorder, DBT has been demonstrated effective in treatment of a wide range of psychological and emotional problems. No single skills training program will include all of the handouts and worksheets in this book; clients get quick, easy access to the tools recommended to meet their particular needs. The 8 1/2″ x 11″ format and spiral binding facilitate photocopying. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print additional copies of the handouts and worksheets.
Mental health professionals, see also the author’s DBT® Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, which provides complete instructions for teaching the skills. Also available: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, the authoritative presentation of DBT, and Linehan’s instructive skills training videos for clients–Crisis Survival Skills: Part One, Crisis Survival Skills: Part Two, From Suffering to Freedom, This One Moment, and Opposite Action.

33 reviews for DBT® Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, 2 Edition

  1. Renee Wenker

    The Truth Shall Set You Free - and these worksheets help victims face fears and heal so life can be joyous again.

    As a patient diagnosed with C-PTSD, and experienced with the DBT behavior modification therapy treatment, these worksheets are extremely important and incredibly effective if used consistently toward the goal of healing deep traumatic experiences and the myriad of complex ways the experience(s) manifest suffering in every way, every day.

    The best approach, in my experience, is to make a copy of any worksheet selected from the book, and just free-form write down answers to the questions, without thinking about it. Getting the words down on paper is part of the healing process. The goal is to awaken yourself from the denial and avoidance behaviors that keep the traumas alive in the mind’s subconscious. Initially, these behaviors were superior defense mechanisms that enabled the victim to cope, but until the traumatic experiences are faced here in the present, the victim continues to believe the past is the present. Using these DBT worksheets help reveal how often and consistently we use destructive behavior, not realizing how or when or why is causing such suffering long after the experience ended.

    The worksheets address each of the 4 primary DBT skills, using a variety of techniques that help face buried fears without triggering stress, fear, panic and sabotaging behaviors.

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  2. FlyingFree

    Pros and Cons

    PROSThe gold standard for treatment of several conditions with a trauma basis.Highly recommended.Whether you are in a group, working with an individual therapist, or on your own, work through this in a solid, steady, imperfect, but proceeding pace. You’ll likely have great results.CONSPractically speaking, only available – through inlori- in print format.If you would like spiral-bound book, highly recommend.If you prefer Kindle or PDF version, it’s better to go to the publisher’s website to order. (Guilford Press)

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  3. Victoria

    Something I never knew I needed

    Dbt has changed my life for the better. Don’t give up.

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  4. Steve

    Can be an important tool to use during DBT therapy

    While this guide is primarily intended for therapists using the DBT method with their patients, it has given me a more in-depth understanding of the DBT process along with real-world examples and worksheets to work with during my therapy. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to get the most out of DBT therapy.

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  5. Ally K S

    It is an amazing resource with all the usual worksheets/ handout plus many ...

    I realize this book is intended for therapists, but I bought it as a patient with Borderline Personality Disorder. It is an amazing resource with all the usual worksheets/ handout plus many many more. I sometimes take it to therapy sessions with my counselor and she helps me bookmark the sections useful for me. I also like having it on hand to teach some DBT skills to my friends when they have concerns. I would say I even use it as a coping skill. If I have a problem, I scour the book for something that helps and doing so helps me calm down. I like discovering new skills right away when I need them instead of waiting until I see my therapist. So if you have BPD and want to have all the worksheets at your fingertips always, it is super worth it to buy this book. Also, according to my counselor, I got this at a really good price.

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  6. Gabrielle


    Did this program while in intensive outpatient and got the book to do it again on my own. Loving all I’m learning!
    This is a very insightful book, used in many programs. It’s popular for a reason!

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  7. MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou

    All Handouts printable with purchase!

    This will be such a useful tool in my practice. I’ve wanted it for years. It’s got so many useful handouts, ideas to use in so many situations.

    I don’t do your standard DBT groups but I certainly use DBT with many clients and I can’t wait to incorporate this more.

    In case you’re looking for the print outs, which COME WITH THE BOOK. Yes, all of them! You’ll find the website on page 4. You cannot search for it, I imagine bc they don’t want the whole world o that page. So type the whole url from page 4 in, register and you’ll be able to download and print every single handout!

    Took me a minute to find this, so I thought I’d share.

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  8. inlori Customer

    Very nice constructed book. Very informational

    I love this book. Very nice constructed with the binder. Also allows printing off a website included with the purchase of the book. Very good buy. Great information inside the book.

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  9. Classic Movie Girl

    Great Book!

    Lots of great skills to handle many many psychological issues. Workbook style is excellent.

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  10. Amanda Sackett

    It is great

    I love working the DBT workbook. There are so many positive things you can learn while working the book.

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  11. Casey

    Great book, excellent quality.

    I loved that this book comes with a link inside that you can use to access the workbook online. When purchasing I didn’t know this would be an option so it was a very pleasant surprise. This has allowed me to print out the worksheets and don’t have to write in the book directly!

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  12. Wendy

    Best Dialectical Behavior Therapy book

    This book has been a godsend… it’s teaching me how to regulate my thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions…I suffer from mental illness, depression, anxiety, paranoia with my disorder, along with assuming the worst and irrational suspicions with myself and others. This book has turned my thinking to be more positive and I’m finally able to recognize when my bad thoughts come up and I’m able to turn it to positive with the help of the tools from this book. This book is a life changer. Hope anyone struggling with trauma, paranoia or suicide or other mental struggles, gives this book a try.

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  13. Ima Cuss Tomer

    Book arrived.

    I like this book and I want to share with friends.

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  14. Myriam Rabaste

    Fantastic tool for therapy

    I run DBT groups and this is the must have book for therapists. So many people’s lives have been impacted for the best with these!

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  15. Jennifer

    This book is best

    I am autistic and have borderline personality disorder. This book has really helped refreshed my memory on the skills my therapist has been teaching me. I feel I am really benefitting from this book. It instructs you on all the skills in a detailed fashion and is really the only book you will ever need for DBT.

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  16. warblerbg

    Want to feel confident and happy? =Emotional intelligence!

    I’m confident every human needs this book that has ever struggled in managing their responses/reactions ! Want to better understand the human condition and how to better respond? This book goes step by step with effective tools ! In only 3 months I am happier and having EASE in conversations in professional and romantic relationships! DBT is an amazing therapy unlike CBT that helps you reframe your thoughts, manage your emotions so that you can be confident in your communication and feelings. Try it…and get a life coach! We are all human, we all need to do the work! Our parents didn’t even know about this stuff…let’s all heal together and be happy in the way we are!

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  17. Annabelle Lecter

    Super helpful

    ***BUT*** super helpful as a companion to other sources that get into how this style of therapy is used and why. This can not be considered a book of tools to throw at anyone who walks through your door, these were designed specifically for those with borderline personality disorder. It can surely work with other people, but get a good solid understanding of your population and how Marsha Linnehan’s work is the companion to this. She created these methods for working with BPD, please don’t just flip these out without knowing the system. If you do learn deeply about Dialectical Behavior Therapy, this is invaluable.

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  18. Satisfied customer

    Great condition

    This product was brand new. No issues at all.

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  19. D. B. S.

    Wishing DBT had been in my life 25 years ago

    For a long time I felt manualized psychotherapy & evidence or research-based therapy was baloney. Today I just wish more professionals had jumped on the evidence/research-based bandwagon a long time ago and techniques like DBT were more widely accepted, instead of the horrible and un-tested methods that were commonly used prior to Y2K.

    I wish I had this book – and the DBT therapist I have today – 25 years ago. It could have changed my life and saved my relationship. Glad I found it anyway. Great reference even after the therapy is done – helps one to remember what was discussed. Its even valuable to those who are unable to obtain face to face therapy.

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  20. Jennie Hamilton Overcast

    Use This Book for DBT Skills Group

    This is the book assigned to me for my DBT skills group sessions and I love it. Lots of great info and easy to follow. Only complaint is that it’s rather cumbersome because of how heavy it is (spiral notebook binding). But it’s so great because it’s loaded with info.

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  21. Pandash

    Love it!

    A great book full of useful worksheets to use in therapy

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  22. Kelli Taylor

    Exactly what I needed and ordered!

    I am thrilled to have my own copy of the book. It will be well used!

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  23. Cindy

    Very useful

    I have used this book before for my clients but needed a new one. Love it.

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  24. Tink

    A wonderful thing for the world. Hope.

    A masterpiece of work that would help so many people. Doable steps that are working for me to become

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  25. Christina

    Definitely useful


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  26. Laurel kelley

    Excellent course material

    Binding should be metal not plastic. Breaks too easily

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    Very helpful for a variety of issues

    I like that this describes how to help with certain situations, feelings, and coping, and gives you worksheets to show what you used or how you used this information to help with certain feelings or situations. It has been very helpful to me for multiple issues!

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  28. Hilary

    Really helped me understand DBT and how to use it daily

    We used this book in class and it has become a daily read for me. So many amazing ways to learn how to apply DBT into your daily life.

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  29. Rapfan

    DBT Techniques really do work. I use them everyday.

    I love my DBT binder. The information is a life saver. I understand myself a lot better than I did 25 years ago. I’m not a lone either. There is support out there. I’m so glad I got help when I did. DBT makes a lot of sense.

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  30. Beverly Long

    Science-based, research-based skills training

    As always, Marsha Linehan’s work is superb. The skills are laid out in easy to understand format, and this edition she has added many, many examples of how to use each skill. Her work is impeccable – she accepts nothing that doesn’t have research to document its effectiveness to teach to the clients reached by this program. She insists on only the best, and she delivers.

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  31. Emily Thomas

    A true life-changing guide, practice the skills it will change you for the better!!!!

    This workbook should be The model for life. There isn’t a person that cannot benefit from practicing these skills taught in Marsha’s book. In fact if these skills were taught to our kids from kindergarten, they would grow up knowing how to express their emotions in a healthy manner, be more effective communicators, from personal relationships to the workplace, know how to set healthy boundaries in all areas of life, they would learn how to mitigate their own stress by utilizing the techniques taught to them in mindfulness and emotional regulation. Not to mention how much more emotionally intelligent they would become simply as a side effect. I could go on and on. I’m a huge fan because it’s practical and it works, I could write a book on why it works!

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  32. Sherry Noto

    More like a self help book for individuals to use not a therapist intervention book

    I like the book, very fast delivery of item. Very please with the fast arrival. I would have liked if the book had more suggestions on how to do behavior modifications, most of the book is just workbook activities and not therapeutic interventions that therapist can use in therapy. Seems more like a self help book, and not a book for therapist to gain insight and skills from.

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  33. E. L. Fough

    DBT is changing my life. This book is bulky, but useful.

    I love DBT. I do not know how well I could follow it without group skills class, though.

    I write my notes in pencil, so I can continue to re-use this.

    Pretty sturdy, I’ve carted it back and forth to class for a few months before lockdown, now it bumps around my living room.

    Prefer this to the .pdf versions, but those are great for printing out worksheets. I also printed a couple and laminated them for reuse (the pre-phone coaching one)

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