Trauma-Informed Practices With Children and Adolescents

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Trauma-Informed Practices With Children and Adolescents is a sourcebook of practical approaches to working with children and adolescents that synthesizes research from leading trauma specialists and translates it into easy-to-implement techniques. The approaches laid out address the sensory and somatic experiences of trauma within structured formats that meet the “best practices” criteria for trauma-informed care: safety, self-regulation, trauma integration, healthy relationships, and healthy environments. Each chapter contains short excerpts, case examples, and commentary relevant to the chapter topic from recognized leaders in the field of trauma intervention with children and adolescents. In addition to this, readers will find chapters filled with easily applied activities, methods, and approaches to assessment, self-regulation, trauma integration, and resilience-building. The book’s structured yet comprehensive approach provides professionals with the resources they need to help trauma victims not just survive but thrive and move from victim thinking to survivor thinking using the current best practices in the field.

5 reviews for Trauma-Informed Practices With Children and Adolescents

  1. Kelly B.

    Great resource to help someone understand trauma and how it impacts children!

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  2. Christie

    Loved this

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  3. Danite

    I loved this book.. I love his writing style.. It’s simple and easy to understand. If you work with children who have experienced trauma.. This is a good book to add to your collection.

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  4. Jessica M.

    This is a great resource for working with at-risk youth! I use this daily.

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  5. GBail


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