The DBT Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation Techniques for Overcoming Stress and Negative Thoughts (Successful Parenting)

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Life as a teenager can feel like getting on a wild roller-coaster ride, not knowing when the next unexpected twist or turn will come. But there’s only so much uncertainty one can take before becoming… sick.
Teens need support now more than ever before to manage the transitions that come with adolescence, but not the kind of support where mom and dad are constantly in their ear!
They are in search of helpful resources that they can pursue on their own, which can provide the appropriate psychological skills to cope with everyday life stressors.
The DBT Workbook for Teens is the perfect resource to help your child, aged 13–19, learn effective stress management techniques at their own pace.
Borrowing from the work of the founder of dialectical behavioral therapy, Dr. Marsha Linehan, the workbook presents four core DBT skills: mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.
Each skill promises to teach your child valuable coping strategies: Mindfulness seeks to identify and let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions, emotional regulation teaches how to describe and observe strong emotions without being taken by them, distress tolerance strengthens emotional resilience in the face of challenges, and interpersonal effectiveness promotes self-respect and setting healthy boundaries.
Some of the critical lessons your child will learn include:
How to break free from cycles of overthinking, and mindfully shift their focus onto the present moment.
How to self-soothe and de-escalate stressful situations at school or at home through exercises like deep breathing and meditation.
Steps to recognize, manage, and accept overpowering emotions, and take the opposite action with skills like “ABC PLEASE.”
How to nurture relationships with effective communication and resolve conflict with skills like “DEAR MAN.”
The aim of this workbook is to teach young people different ways to cope with stress, whether it be through calming their minds, regulating their emotions, or learning how to express their thoughts and feelings effectively. After going through these DBT skills and exercises, teens will walk away feeling more equipped to handle the pressures of school, home life, and friendships.
The benefits of stress management with DBT are endless. Set your teen up for success by purchasing a copy of the workbook today!

5 reviews for The DBT Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation Techniques for Overcoming Stress and Negative Thoughts (Successful Parenting)

  1. Aaron Shelley

    This is a good tool to help people work through their issues. The primary focus is on managing your feelings and accepting reality. It seems like a lot of kids missed these two skills and are unable to manage life because of it. The workbook will help you step through each exercise and think through the concepts to help develop these skills. Everyone needs to develop these skills or they won’t be successful in life.

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  2. Melanie McCoy

    This step-by-step handbook is educational, thought-provoking, and with easy-to-understand explanations. It is filled with sage wisdom and useful tips on emotional regulation, mindfulness, distress tolerance. There are countless corresponding worksheets that will easily engage teens. It is practical and creative, and a great resource!

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  3. Denise

    Whether you’re a teenager seeking to navigate life’s ups and downs or a caregiver looking to support a young person on their journey, “The DBT Workbook for Teens” is an excellent companion. It’s a wellspring of positivity, encouragement, and actionable strategies that empower teens to develop emotional intelligence and lead more fulfilling lives. Kudos to the author for creating such a valuable resource!

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  4. LER

    As a parent of an anxious teenager, this workbook is helpful in that it makes DBT DIY. I wish I had this workbook as a teenager! Even so, I plan on using the DEARMAN and FAST exercises to help me with recent conflicts.

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  5. L E Charron

    This is a great tool and is easy to understand and use. I wish I had had it in my teen years. Highly recommended.

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