Managing Suicidal Risk: A Collaborative Approach – 2nd Edition

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The Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) approach has garnered a strong evidence base and has been implemented by therapists from a range of orientations in diverse clinical settings. This extensively revised manual provides a proven therapeutic framework for evaluating suicidal risk and developing and implementing a suicide-specific treatment plan that is respectful, empathic, and empowering. In addition to their clinical utility, the procedures used for assessment, treatment, and progress monitoring within CAMS can help reduce the risk of malpractice liability. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes all needed reproducible tools for implementing CAMS. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. New to This Edition*Incorporates a decade’s worth of extensive clinical research.*Fully revised with a greater focus on CAMS as a framework for clinical intervention–not just assessment.*In-depth case example followed throughout the book.*Describes innovations to the approach, such as how to target and treat patient-defined “suicidal drivers.”*Additional reproducible (CAMS Therapeutic Worksheet and CAMS Rating Scale), plus a new version of the Suicide Status Form.

21 reviews for Managing Suicidal Risk: A Collaborative Approach – 2nd Edition

  1. AMB

    A clinical asset

    This is a good book to have as an adjunct to the CAMS training (although not required). It provides context, research and in depth explanations of this intervention, as well as clinical examples. The only complaint I have; in the parts that include clinician scripts/suggested language, the speaking/reading level is way above the accessible fifth grade level suitable for most of the population I work with. I would suggest simplified language in future editions.

    The material gives me confidence to work with, and more importantly collaborate with, suicidal clients. It’s a very client centered approach which is easy to replicate with high fidelity in practice.

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  2. Anonymous

    The first edition was an awesome learning experience for me and I did not believe ...

    I was so excited to get my second edition of this book. The first edition was an awesome learning experience for me and I did not believe it could be improved upon. Yet, Dr. Jobes has taken it to another level! His voice in the book is eloquent and reads as if he was sitting right there with you. This amazing intervention has many decades of research supporting it and should be in every clinician’s repertoire of evidenced based interventions. CAMS’s collaborative approach allows the patient and therapist to communicate honestly and openly without fear. CAMS is comprehensive and easy to learn! I encourage all who work in the helping field to purchase this book and attend Dr. Jobes training’s… it has saved and will continue to save many lives in the future.

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  3. inlori Customer

    The Best in the Field for Addressing Suicidality in a Collaborative Therapeutic Relationship.

    After attending a conference with Dr. Jones, I bought this book and have utilized it’s methodology and documentation work sheets with a 15 year old boy who had just been discharged from a week’s stay at the hospital for suicidal ideation and behavior. It proved highly effective and the best possible way to track elements of risk, while also working toward the relevant goals for choosing to live. This was masterful and research based practice addressing risk to suicide specifically, while including a collaborative stabilization plan.

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  4. Sara M.

    ... my Suicidology class and have to say I really like the CAMS format

    I got this for my Suicidology class and have to say I really like the CAMS format! Very easy to follow and the book is good at explaining different aspects of it and why you should say one thing or another.

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  5. Samuel Knapp

    Highly recommended

    I highly recommend this book which reviews the Collaborate Assessment and Management of Suicide (CAMS) framework, a structured sequence of procedures to assess and manage suicidal risk. Evidence supports its clinical utility in preventing suicides. I am also attracted to the CAMS philosophy which focuses on empathic and collaborative relationships with patients. The procedures and its underlying philosophy, in my mind, represent the best in suicide assessment and management. Although this book was not intended primarily as a debunker of suicidal myths, it does directly address some common misconceptions in suicide prevention, such as an over reliance on hospitalizations, medications, and no-suicide contracts. His approach is very consistent with the quality enhancement model that I have promoted (Knapp et al., 2013) with its emphasis on consultation, collaborative relationships with patients, good documentation, and the continuous monitoring of the effects of treatment. As Dr. Jobes aptly notes, psychotherapists cannot guarantee that they can prevent a suicide, but they can provide high quality services known to reduce overall suicide risks.

    Knapp, S., Younggren, J., VandeCreek, L., Harris, E., & Martin, J. (2013). Assessing and
    managing patient risk in psychological practice: An individualized approach. Rockville,
    MD: The Trust.

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  6. Stephanie C


    I’m a clincian implementing new suicide prevention protocols in my job. I read this to further expand my knowledge and this was helpful. Very interesting!

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  7. Kristin M Arterbury

    Evidence-based model to support suicidal clients

    Great resource to support suicidal clients. The book provides forms and coaching for using the CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality) framework. It’s a highly collaborative and client-centered process that I was relieved and excited to learn about as I start my career as a counselor.

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  8. Julia Rex

    CAMS is a good practice and the text is good for independent study

    Fantastic! Easy to understand the principles and knowledge/experiences of the writer

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  9. tanya


    Easy to follow

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  10. perlinda

    Just what I needed

    Just what I needed for class

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  11. Lisa A. Nunnally

    Great Training

    Great to have the handouts to reproduce

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  12. anne rudkin


    College work

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  13. Karen

    Must read for mental health professionals and patients

    Excellent thought provoking book. Cites lots of helpful research

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  14. Janet W.

    Five Stars

    Great book.

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  15. J. Powers

    Five Stars

    Jobes is a BOSS!!!!

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  16. Camille Lapadula

    Five Stars


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  17. friend


    This is an outstanding guide to helping practitioners manage suicide risk. Clear, well-written and above all, useful.

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  18. inlori Customer

    Five Stars

    Brilliant book

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  19. Helen L-S

    Buy it...ypu won't be disappointed!

    Fab book fab model and fab clinician. We met in Washington DC in 2014 😀

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  20. Andrea M. Blank

    Great service

    Book is as advertised. I would buy from this seller again.

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  21. Phillip L.

    Four Stars

    Dropped the nut job that ordered this , was not worth my sanity

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