Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A Guide and Map for Recovering from Childhood Trauma

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I have Complex PTSD [Cptsd] and wrote this book from the perspective of someone who has experienced a great reduction of symptoms over the years. I also wrote it from the viewpoint of someone who has discovered many silver linings in the long, windy, bumpy road of recovering from Cptsd.I felt encouraged to write this book because of thousands of e-mail responses to the articles on my website that repeatedly expressed gratitude for the helpfulness of my work. An often echoed comment sounded like this: At last someone gets it. I can see now that I am not bad, defective or crazy…or alone!The causes of Cptsd range from severe neglect to monstrous abuse. Many survivors grow up in houses that are not homes – in families that are as loveless as orphanages and sometimes as dangerous.If you felt unwanted, unliked, rejected, hated and/or despised for a lengthy portion of your childhood, trauma may be deeply engrained in your mind, soul and body.This book is a practical, user-friendly self-help guide to recovering from the lingering effects of childhood trauma, and to achieving a rich and fulfilling life. It is copiously illustrated with examples of my own and my clients’ journeys of recovering. This book is also for those who do not have Cptsd but want to understand and help a loved one who does.This book also contains an overview of the tasks of recovering and a great many practical tools and techniques for recovering from childhood trauma. It extensively elaborates on all the recovery concepts explained on my website, and many more. However, unlike the articles on my website, it is oriented toward the layperson. As such, much of the psychological jargon and dense concentration of concepts in the website articles has been replaced with expanded and easier to follow explanations. Moreover, many principles that were only sketched out in the articles are explained in much greater detail. A great deal of new material is also explored.Key concepts of the book include managing emotional flashbacks, understanding the four different types of trauma survivors, differentiating the outer critic from the inner critic, healing the abandonment depression that come from emotional abandonment and self-abandonment, self-reparenting and reparenting by committee, and deconstructing the hierarchy of self-injuring responses that childhood trauma forces survivors to adopt.The book also functions as a map to help you understand the somewhat linear progression of recovery, to help you identify what you have already accomplished, and to help you figure out what is best to work on and prioritize now. This in turn also serves to help you identify the signs of your recovery and to develop reasonable expectations about the rate of your recovery.I hope this map will guide you to heal in a way that helps you to become an unflinching source of kindness and self-compassion for yourself, and that out of that journey you will find at least one other human being who will reciprocally love you well enough in that way.

153 reviews for Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A Guide and Map for Recovering from Childhood Trauma

  1. Long time customer

    Fantastic resource, but not exactly as advertised

    As a therapist for the past 22 years, and the owner of over 500 books relating to the profession, I can easily say this is one of the most valuable books in my library. I’ve used it numerous times in the last 6 weeks since I ordered it, and not just for clients with Borderline Personality Disorder. If you are the owner of Linehan’s original Skills Training Manual (1993) and found it not terribly user-friendly, you will be pleasantly surprised at how attractive, clear and useful the new handouts and worksheets are.

    ONE BIG CAVEAT, however – the book’s listing says that both handouts and worksheets are downloadable – a large reason why I bought the book. However, this is not true; I was only able to download the worksheets, and despite a number of emails with Guilford, who did seem to be trying to be helpful, I was unable to resolve this problem. They do claim that if you buy the textbook DBT® Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, you can download the handouts as well from the website listed in that book. If I had known that, I would have bought the textbook, even for the higher price. It is a pain to have to singly photocopy the handouts that I wish to share with a client…

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  2. tommi

    Incredibly helpful to use with The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook

    This book has exercises, assessments and worksheets to compliment “The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook”. I recommend both books as DBT therapy changed my life. I got them to work with my daughter in hopes it will have the same positive effect for her. I believe everyone should have DBT training. These books could be the key to a better world in my opinion . The skills you will learn in this book are skills anyone can incorporate in their everyday lives. You don’t have to suffer from mental health issues to benefit from these skills. These are real-life skills. In some ways I feel it has unlocked some secret key to a happy and healthy life.

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  3. Love2Read

    This book can save some lives -- & improve the quality of many more

    Many thanks to author and survivor Pete Walker for this fine book that so aptly details the effects of cPTSD from complex developmental trauma. If — despite however much therapy &/or attempts at self-help you’ve been through — you’ve wondered time & again what the hell’s wrong with you, why you’ve had a lifetime of inner anguish, or why you can’t “just get over” things, read this book.

    One man told me that reading this book has been the first experience in his whole life of feeling like someone truly “gets” him & gives clear expression to his painful lifetime predicament. In terms of self-understanding & self-compassion, I wish I could have read a book like this many years ago myself.

    The author notes the deep sense of personal failure he endured each time he invested in therapy with professionals who didn’t grasp what he was up against & who utilized single-shot approaches & methods inadequate to the situation. That’s retraumatizing and a terrible blow to clients’ trust & precious resources.

    I won’t reiterate specific strong points, as other reviewers have done a great job with that. My sole criticisms are that the manuscript lacks professional proofing, editing, formatting & layout — all of which contribute to a book’s readability. But those issues aren’t so big & distracting as to be dealbreakers, as they can be for some books. Pete Walker’s content & insights are so valuable that this is one time I can’t deduct my usual cranky star or two for errata throughout a book.

    If you or a loved one endured complex developmental trauma, this book can be a tough read. But the validation, compassionate insight, & matter-of-fact direction it provides is invaluable — along with it being far more readable for many of us than professional traumatology texts.

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  4. Caitrianna

    Great book for therapy use!

    I like this book and it works well with the work I was doing with my therapist. I was doing this on my own in between my visits with my therapist. It worked well. I was glad I bought it. It helped me with my thoughts and bringing them to the office to talk about them.

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  5. NHGuy

    OMG, this book was made for me..........and you. Life-changing

    If you’re looking at this you had parents who screwed you up. Alcohol, drugs, or dysfunction, abuse or abandonment, there are so many paths that lead to complex PTSD from childhood awful, intentional or accidental mis-parenting. And there are so many complex paths to undo what derailed your developmentally as a child. This book allows you to 1) Understand and 2) Develop a path to undo what your parents (or in some cases bullies, siblings) did that gave you what, as a child, was protective. Those traits, be it anger/rage, dissociation, co-dependency DID work to protect you as a child but do NOT work as an adult. Walker give what is necessary for each, now adult/child, to do to put you on the path that you would have been had your parents been competent loving parents. No, it’s not easy. As walker says, if you want to, for instance, increase the girth of your arm muscles, you do not expect to see results in a day, you expect to see them incrementally, over time, by exercising for months. The same is true to undo the horrid traits that derail you as an adult. Here’s a bit of advice: Read the whole book, skim it, focus on what you find interesting. Once this is done, you are now ready to read (re-read) the book. Now, that may not make much sense so I’ll elaborate. It’s helpful to know why and just how you got screwed up. It’s helpful to know which of the 4 “F’s (Fight/flight/fawn/freeze) you over-rely on. Once you have an idea about how/when you were screwed up as a child, and once you have an idea why which 4 F’s you relied on as a child, to protect you, now you are ready to see how those, once protective traits, need to be modified, simply because now they are not helpful traits, and as you unravel them you simply become what a human being who had functional loving parents normally becomes. A great book, I just wish I had read it decades ago.

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  6. Lifelong Learner

    The book is gold, despite poor editing

    Pete Walker’s book has pros and cons, and I’ll briefly summarise my own point of view on each. However, the insight and understanding of the author (gained through personal experience) and his practically applicable advice for the journey to recovery far outweigh any complaints I may have. Consequently – a full 5 stars!!!


    My first peeve is that the structure of the book’s layout needs a lot of work. It should be possible, from a brief glance at the table of contents, to gain insight into the author’s approach to the topic and his/her thought processes. In other words, the table of contents should give me a good framework in which to place the valuable information I learn. But that isn’t the case. Subheadings are long or full of unrecognizable words that lack meaning to the layperson.

    My second peeve is that the book lacks an index. And, since the table of contents isn’t particularly illuminating, the lack of an index would make it very difficult to locate a particular point in the book again.

    My third peeve is that, in the body of the book, the author unnecessarily uses words and phrases that are inaccessible to the layperson. I don’t mind the use of terminology that accurately describes a particular concept. But, in a textbook to be used for healing, I question the unnecessary use of flowery language or big words. For example, and I quote: “The survivor, who is seeking a healthy relationship with the emotional being, will strive to accept the existential fact that the human feeling nature is often contradictory and frequently vacillates between opposite polarities of feeling experiences.” In essence, I think Mr Walker was trying to say that it’s not realistic to expect that you will always feel positive and upbeat, and that it’s normal for humans to feel the full spectrum of human emotions, including negative feelings. So, why not simply say so?

    PROS: However, having dealt with the cons, let’s get to the good stuff. To compensate for the aforementioned shortcomings of the book, from the outset, I summarized the book on computer, as I worked through it. And, in my view, the content is really pure gold! For a person suffering from complex trauma, if you really analyse the book’s contents, you’ll benefit as follows:
    * You’ll feel that Mr Walker “gets you” and understands the problems you’ve experienced throughout your life.
    * You’ll understand why interpersonal relationships have always been difficult for you, and why you feel different to other people, and, often, isolated and empty inside.
    * You’ll realize that many of the physical symptoms from which you suffer can probably be attributed to complex trauma, and why that is the case.
    * You’ll learn about the coping mechanisms you’ve automatically used in response to deep emotional pain, namely the 4 Fs – fight, flight, freeze and/or fawn.
    * You’ll have an extensive list of the effects of complex trauma on the child, leading to problems throughout his/her life.
    * You’ll be equipped with practical info on how to go about the healing process, using a multi-pronged approach. There are recommendations for self-help (invaluable!) as well as advice on obtaining help from others.

    IMPORTANT: This book is not about self-pity or pandering to the self. It’s about setting the record straight, getting closure (in your own mind and heart, since it’s unlikely that the perpetrators would be willing to do what it takes to give you closure), and repairing the deep damage done to a child (or adult) by people s/he should have been able to trust. The book would be valuable to anyone who suffers from the effects of complex trauma, whether the cause was sexual abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse or physical abuse. It’s also clear that recovery is a process, improvement may be gradual and involve setbacks, and there is thus a need to be patient. But the results are worth striving for!

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  7. FlyingFree

    Pros and Cons

    PROSThe gold standard for treatment of several conditions with a trauma basis.Highly recommended.Whether you are in a group, working with an individual therapist, or on your own, work through this in a solid, steady, imperfect, but proceeding pace. You’ll likely have great results.CONSPractically speaking, only available – through inlori- in print format.If you would like spiral-bound book, highly recommend.If you prefer pdf or PDF version, it’s better to go to the publisher’s website to order. (Guilford Press)

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  8. Bayan S.

    Nothing ever hit me deep as much as this book

    I didn’t know what I was getting myself to when buying this book, I was just tired of feeling tired and worthless, I looked up “CPTSD” on the search bar and bought the first thing that showed up hoping it would help me somehow, and let me tell you OH MY GOD. Ive done threapy for years and nothing helped me as much as this book, It described my life perfectly and made me identify things I never could. Iv’e read A LOT of “Self-help” books that talk about “willpower” and “motivation” etc, But these books only made it worse for me it made me feel gulity for having “The resources” but still struggling. this book is truly life changing. It gives you what you actually need and doesn’t just blame it on “Willpower” I recommed this from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has felt abounded,abused, or struggling in general, because everything comes back to childhood and it will blow your mind!

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  9. L Murphy

    I recommend this book - very helpful!

    What I liked:
    1) This is the best book I’ve read in a very long time. Despite some inaccuracies, it unmasks and reveals the horrifying truth of severe and widespread childhood abuse in so-called modern Western culture. Too bad evolution doesn’t require humans prove that they will be good enough parents before they’re able to have children.

    2) Pete Walker shows that finally, someone understands. Somebody gets it, and can write about it in a way which makes it possible for other people to get it. It is a tremendous relief to read this book. It provides validation for the suffering of the silent children inside those of us who were abandoned, abused, and neglected our entire childhoods by all the adults around us. No, we are not “too this, too that, and too much the other thing.” We are exactly the right quantities of various traits that we needed to be, in order to survive.

    I’ve lived a very long time with the trauma inflicted on my undeveloped, defenseless nervous system. I’m still wired as though I’m trapped in the horrifying war zone of my childhood. How do I rewire my nervous system? How do I go from surviving to thriving? This book promises to provide a map and guide to help me recover. I hope by the time I finish reading it, I will understand what the map says and know how to use it as a guide to where I’m trying to go.

    3) Pete Walker not only understands cptsd, but he also has deep compassion for those who suffer with cptsd.

    4) Walker has a lot of good recommendations and suggestions. My complaint with some of them is the missing details of *how* to follow through with them. Part of this may be that I’ve had few or no models to demonstrate exactly how to go through healthy grieving and healthy anger. Part of this may be because I haven’t read the whole book yet. I’ve used many cognitive tools over many years to perform the thought deconstruction and replacement healing process. I need concrete, step-by-step instructions for the emotional part of the healing process.

    What I didn’t like:
    1) The book has too many links to itself within the book. (See chapter XXX for YYY) This became distracting after a while.

    2) Repetitive and wordy

    3) Author sometimes gets things wrong, but the wrong parts are buried in a lot of really right parts. This makes it harder to recognize when the author has gone overboard, gotten too enthusiastic with his own theories and conclusions. Not everything rings true, and when strong language is used to describe something which doesn’t ring true, I find myself re-reading the section and adding notes. Each person who has cptsd has a different flavor of it, so some of his descriptions and assertions are not accurate.

    4) I can’t buy the audio version of the book without subscribing to a “free trial” of audible.
    For people who weren’t abandoned, abused, and neglected, this book will probably seem like a gross exaggeration, a lot of whining, and undeserving vilifying of parents. For those who read this book and came away with that impression, I have two pieces of advice:
    1. Count your blessings that you were raised by parents who nurtured you, cared about your well-being, and consistently showed you they cared without ripping the rug out from under your feet to punish you on random occasions at their whim. Your parents let you know you mattered, and they actually played an active role in your growing up to become a healthy, mature adult.
    2. Try to have understanding and compassion for people who had “not good enough” parenting. We really do exist. Believe that it happened, happens, and will continue to happen. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Be aware that it may have happened to the person sitting next to you.

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  10. Frisbee

    Validating permission to be angry with sub-categories to define coping

    The main gist of the book is about giving yourself permission to be angry and acknowledging that we (as survivors) can say and accept with conviction that we had faulty parents who hurt us and damaged us. Big emphasis on not suppressing those feelings or trying to pacify and make excuses for their behaviour. He has his own sub-categories to help us identify how we individually came about to cope and survive with the traumas we experienced. Validation is welcoming. The biggest thing I took away from this book, was, as mentioned, the permission to be downright angry….

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  11. Imoji

    I see why this book has stellar 5-star reviews

    I am teary eyed writing this review. The information in this book has put language to some traumas I have been dealing with for 30 years. I haven’t found the language I was looking for in any other literature I have read on the subject. This book and every other book written on the subject (specifically those works highlighted in the bibliography) has shown me that I will be a lifelong student of trauma recovery. It took me a month to read because there were some parts that were triggering, but I pushed through it. Every human being who experienced trauma needs to buy this book, immediately. Every therapist who intends to provide trauma-informed counseling services–and *actually* be good at it-needs to read this book as well.
    This author did excellent work, research, introspection and meticulously used language to paint a picture of this side of the human condition.
    Don’t waste time. Get this book now!

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  12. TrebuchetsAreNifty

    Good plain-language resource

    I hope Pete will consider writing a book for veterans! Pete has important things to say and, frankly, there aren’t many books dealing with C-PTSD for non-academic readers. His organization of thought was a bit haphazard (the book is self-edited) and there was too much spirituality for my use (atheist recovery) although my colleague liked it well enough to loan to her patients. I recommend the fantastic checklist (“toolbox 3”) for recognizing and stopping the self-critic.

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  13. inlori Customer

    A flick of light switch

    As someone who came from a very loving and involved family but lives with one who battles with childhood trauma for decades on his own, this book, in many occasions, had brought me to tears and shed a light to our situations, making me understand my partner better rather than thinking or wishing that he would snap out of his emotions eventually on his own. Many instances of his clients’ stories had made me thinking back to the times my partner showed signs of emotional flashbacks, unfortunately, I didn’t realize that this is a real thing, real issue at the time, and I simply discarded his “call for help”. Needless to say that I regret it. This book is a must read, a life changing tool whether you’re a victim of PTSD yourself or simply an ally of one. Understanding and recognizing the issues is step 1 yet very important one to recovery.Best of luck to everyone who’s battling and/or recovering from cPTSD including the loved ones.

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  14. Divine Reader

    Just essencial...

    The best book on CPTSD I know. If you are a therapist, it is a must read one. If you are a human living on planet earth… it is better you get on with the reading… most of us had NOT good enough parents that imprinted distorted coding in us, and that explode in a lot issues during your adulthood. This is an essential read for everyone that still hope to live a health life no matter your age. Life is more than the old programs given by our family constellation. Also embrace readings like ~Radical Acceptance~, and watch videos by Moojiji on yt. All the 3 teachers will help you transform your inner lives. Be blessed, be whole and be healed.

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  15. rachael

    Helpful review

    I purchased this book to go along with a DBT program. This is by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I’m not sure if this approach will work for someone who isn’t ready for it, but if you are ready for it it is life changing. DBT takes some work and introspection, but what rewarding thing doesn’t? I can easily say that I believe it has saved my life.
    The book itself is set up in a slightly confusing way but every worksheet and hand out list the page numbers that correspond to each other, to help navigate a bit easier. I found this binder design easier to photocopy the worksheets so I could use them repeatedly.
    Whether you are able to take DBT skills classes or not I feel like this book could be helpful.

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  16. David Sears

    Accepting my initial lukewarm reaction toward the new workbook, until I learn to appreciate it

    First, I am grateful for Marsha Linehan’s great work in the area of DBT. My life is completely changed and better because of it.

    However I find MML’s DBT is evolving like Dunkin Donuts: trying to be all things to all people. MML doesn’t have to come up with something for every conceivable situation. Dunkin Donuts is somewhere I don’t go anymore because they sell too many items that make the wait too long. I find this new workbook visually overwhelming, the text is about to burst off most pages. I’m also distracted when I read worksheets for theories I’ve first heard of from other famous people. Who influenced whom? The previous book had a sufficient number of exercises with simple explanations. Maybe this new book is perfect for others, and I’m glad for them, but I found the old one easier.

    And, oddly, the back cover on my copy of this book is upside down.

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  17. Paula C.

    Good and tough to get through for me

    Good book but it is hard to read. It is a lot too read when you have cptsd. I get overwhelmed with it. I am in a therapy group already and have a therapist and wonder if I need someone more schooled in cptsd now.

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  18. H.M.

    Generally helpful

    This book is reputed to be the gold standard on C-PTSD. And, as that, it is five stars. However, I gave it 4 because it is very difficult to read which I found to be quite frustrating. I think the ideas are solid and very helpful, but teasing out the meaning is more of a challenge. If you are not a sophisticated reader, I think it would be hard to get what you need out of it. I read a little at a time and go back to it often annotating as I read to work on making sense of it. Because this is THE book for this topic, buy it because it might be helpful, but be forewarned…it could use some editing and restructuring and it will take you a while to absorb as written.

    Helpful? 6 0
  19. Cynthia J. Dodge


    I have been looking for relief (from what I now understand is freeze or fawn responses) for over 45 years. I’ve read hundreds of books and participated in therapy from well-meaning but ineffective therapists. Nothing really got to the root of the issue or helped prevent relapse.

    After reading this book I feel understood! This book presents the best and most kind description of the cause of my problems. Just reading the book gave me a feeling of safety in my own skin and it gave me hope for real healing. It has even given me some compassion for my parents as a by-product of my own epiphanies. I now have a plan and have started the recovery process. I cannot wait for the next book. Thank you, Pete Walker! You are an answer to my prayers.

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  20. Denielle E

    I finally feel seen and heard

    This book, coupled with counseling, has helped to change my life. Over the years it has been incredibly difficult to verbalize the tournament and abuse I experienced at the hands of those who were supposed to keep me safe. The amount of confusion, pushback, and anger I’ve received from others when explaining that my parents abused me had me feeling like maybe I was wrong, and the more I succumbed to the gaslighting of those who hold family and parents on a pedestal the more shame, guilt, and confusion I felt about my experience. This book helped to validate everything I’ve felt and everything I’ve experienced as a child and now as an adult. This book was the key to unlocking the door to my true self, and embracing the scared, abused, and neglected child that was me. It helped me to make sense of the confusing and emotional world I was struggling to live in, and allowed me to break through the surface of my trauma and finally feel like I can breathe. For under $20, you have literally nothing to lose by taking the gamble to read this book. The time of living in shame, guilt, and fear is over.

    “These losses have to be grieved until the person really gets how much her caretakers were not caretakers, and how much her parents were not her allies. She needs to grieve until she stops blaming herself for their abuse and/or neglect. She needs to grieve until she fully realizes that their abysmal parenting practices gave her that awful gift that keeps on giving: Cptsd. She needs to grieve until she understands how her learned habit of automatic self-abandonment is a reenactment of their abject failure to be there for her.”

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  21. Victoria

    Something I never knew I needed

    Dbt has changed my life for the better. Don’t give up.

    Helpful? 5 0
  22. Steve

    Can be an important tool to use during DBT therapy

    While this guide is primarily intended for therapists using the DBT method with their patients, it has given me a more in-depth understanding of the DBT process along with real-world examples and worksheets to work with during my therapy. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to get the most out of DBT therapy.

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  23. Danny Beineke

    Not practical for self study -professional use only

    This is best used for a
    counseling professional to make photocopies for clients.
    I was asked to purchase this to attend a DBT group as a client, and found it way too cumbersome, awkward to use as a client. I often was overwhelmed with this book that I would research the same info in the more digestible format elsewhere.

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  24. Elizabeth Patterson

    Helpful Book

    Informative and worthwhile reading. Complex PTSD is explained very well, and it did provide guidance on surviving it, but the book missed the boat on thriving, unless the author is advocating that keeping a stiff upper lip is thriving. Life can be much better than that. Overall, it is a good book, especially for anyone who has ever wondered about their own behavior or attitudes.

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  25. Ally K S

    It is an amazing resource with all the usual worksheets/ handout plus many ...

    I realize this book is intended for therapists, but I bought it as a patient with Borderline Personality Disorder. It is an amazing resource with all the usual worksheets/ handout plus many many more. I sometimes take it to therapy sessions with my counselor and she helps me bookmark the sections useful for me. I also like having it on hand to teach some DBT skills to my friends when they have concerns. I would say I even use it as a coping skill. If I have a problem, I scour the book for something that helps and doing so helps me calm down. I like discovering new skills right away when I need them instead of waiting until I see my therapist. So if you have BPD and want to have all the worksheets at your fingertips always, it is super worth it to buy this book. Also, according to my counselor, I got this at a really good price.

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  26. Nicole S.

    Life changing

    This book shifted my healing journey. I would advise to not read without a therapist on hand because, for me at least, it brought up issues I didn’t know I had and unlocked doors that have allowed things to continue to leak out on occasion. This is not bad with professional help to process these things, but if I didn’t have somebody to help me work through it. Words of caution are only necessary because of how incredible it is and how much insight it offered me.

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  27. Wanda C Kramer

    A very good manual

    This is a very thorough manual. It’s not terribly useful to me as a clinician. As usual it spends a lot of time on minor things. I will keep it because it is an excellent reference. It is not however full of ready to go new activities.

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  28. Rebekah Hope

    Excellent resource!

    I’m a therapist who works with a lot of individuals with complex trauma. This book is a frequent go to for me and for my clients. I love this book!

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  29. Gabrielle


    Did this program while in intensive outpatient and got the book to do it again on my own. Loving all I’m learning!
    This is a very insightful book, used in many programs. It’s popular for a reason!

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  30. Creeky

    Incredibly thorough, but....

    Of course, Linehan is the DBT guru and deservedly so. She lived the material and wrote the material. This book is a manual for aspiring DBT therapists, both those new to the mental health field and for seasoned therapists who are learning to administer DBT. This manual is incredibly thorough. The only drawback, IMHO, is that the depth of details can be a bit “too much” if you don’t have considerable time to dedicate to carefully read and remember and then apply the materials as a DBT TEAM member. If you DO have the time and appropriate work environment, and hopefully a DBT mentor to practice these very detailed materials, this is a master work for therapists learning how to administer DBT treatment.

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  31. Dana A.


    For school, to become a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I was required to read many trauma recovery books, including Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker. While the educational content inside this book was intense and deep, it was a godsend to read. I was surprised and appreciative that the author included a lot of chapters covering the dysfunctional family, intergenerational trauma, abusive family members, and narcissistic abuse.

    This book was incredibly validating for me; both personally and professionally. The author includes valuable professional resources and self-help tips to trauma survivors. Now that I have become a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and started my own business, I highly recommend this book to each of my clients.

    Whether you are a survivor of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, child neglect and abuse, sexual assaults, spiritual abuse, various forms of trauma, and/or CPTSD, I strongly recommend this insightful book. The chapter on forgiveness (or shall we say “forgiveness is not a requisite to heal your trauma,”) I was applauding Pete Walker for advocating, standing up for, and making wise statements about religious gaslighting, toxic people in our society who demand survivors to quickly “forgive and forget” their predators, rapists, and abusers.

    It is NOT up to anyone on whether you do or you don’t forgive the despicable abusers. Dear Soul, this is YOUR choice. As Pete Walker wrote, premature forgiveness actually can sabotage the trauma recovery process and keep you in “fawn mode.” Heal on YOUR own terms. Consider seeking emotional support from a trauma-informed specialist.

    This awesome book was healing, cathartic, very eye opening, and a big part in my own personal trauma recovery journey. Even if you don’t suffer Complex PTSD or PTSD, I strongly urge you to learn more about child abuse, sex abuse, narcissistic abuse, a dysfunctional family, domestic violence, how to silence your inner critic, and gain more insight into a wide variety of strategies to heal.

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  32. MayTheSchwartzBeWithYou

    All Handouts printable with purchase!

    This will be such a useful tool in my practice. I’ve wanted it for years. It’s got so many useful handouts, ideas to use in so many situations.

    I don’t do your standard DBT groups but I certainly use DBT with many clients and I can’t wait to incorporate this more.

    In case you’re looking for the print outs, which COME WITH THE BOOK. Yes, all of them! You’ll find the website on page 4. You cannot search for it, I imagine bc they don’t want the whole world o that page. So type the whole url from page 4 in, register and you’ll be able to download and print every single handout!

    Took me a minute to find this, so I thought I’d share.

    Helpful? 4 0
  33. C. G

    It's a great book but a tough read when your fresh out ...

    It’s a great book but a tough read when your fresh out of abuse & trauma or a Lifetime of it. I’ve had to put it down many times (triggering) & revisit it at a later date.

    Helpful? 4 0
  34. L. N S

    Good handouts but I was not expecting to have to ...

    Good handouts but I was not expecting to have to buy the teacher’s manual book to understand the connection with the handouts.

    Helpful? 4 0
  35. Pamela H.

    I mean it is not like You use one sheet of each or a few ...

    I bought both the training manual and the work book for this series. Looking in the workbook It said that if I went to their website (won’t give the web address because I am sure it is JUST for purchasers) That I could get pages to print off of the website… I followed the address and I could not find it anywhere..I mean I have the workbook so I can copy the pages I need but that is a lot more work than just going online and printing it. I mean it is not like You use one sheet of each or a few more in the work book..I( am sure disappointed that I could not find the site to print after I bought both! So I counted it down for that reason. Just started the program so will write more later! .

    Helpful? 4 0
  36. Benjamin Jeffcoat

    Life changing

    What a journey. I spent many hours crying, coming face to face with hard truth. Honestly this book changed my life in a big way. I recommend getting the book and audio book for those like me who struggle with ADHD.

    Helpful? 3 0
  37. Carrie K.

    Really explains C-PTSD

    This book does an excellent job explaining what C-PSTD. The author gives personal accounts and stories that help you “get” what it is. I learned so much. It is chock-full of information…I wanted to highlight and underline almost everything.

    Helpful? 3 0
  38. Jacob Benary

    C-ptsd sufferers must read this book

    Pete Walker gave a name to so many of my life long distresses. This is a guide, a beacon for us who walk the night of trauma.

    Helpful? 3 0
  39. inlori Customer

    Very nice constructed book. Very informational

    I love this book. Very nice constructed with the binder. Also allows printing off a website included with the purchase of the book. Very good buy. Great information inside the book.

    Helpful? 3 0
  40. W. Wilmeth

    If You Have Complex PTSD, this Book Will Alert You to that Fact

    Clear and concise analysis of how and why your mental architecture came to be as it is. If this book strikes a chord with you, you might wish to seek out some professional counseling for further help.

    Helpful? 3 0
  41. Classic Movie Girl

    Great Book!

    Lots of great skills to handle many many psychological issues. Workbook style is excellent.

    Helpful? 3 0
  42. GoSparty1957

    A revelation for anyone that had childhood abuse of any kind

    It was as if the author knew me from birth. Everything suddenly made sense. This book should be a central part of counseling for anyone that suffered childhood abuse, abandonment, narcissistic parents and so on. Start with this book then add the workbook if you agree.

    Helpful? 3 0
  43. Amanda Sackett

    It is great

    I love working the DBT workbook. There are so many positive things you can learn while working the book.

    Helpful? 3 0
  44. darren

    Amazing book--buy it!

    Of the many (and I’m talking at least 100+) self-help books I’ve read, this book has been a miracle for me. The author, Pete Walker, has experienced complex PTSD himself, and has amazingly helpful insights to guide the reader in their healing journey. His advice comes from a place of empathy and a profound understanding of the subject matter without being preachy, condescending, or trying to put a band-aid on a complicated and multi-faceted condition. If you’re reading this review, I’m here to tell you there is hope. You can get your life back. I feel like I’ve come to know the author on a personal level because of his openness and willingness to share his experiences. His willingness to walk beside the reader and be vulnerable while also providing profound insights has been so healing for me. I keep a copy of the 13 steps for managing emotional flashbacks with me and refer to it often, and it has been a game-changer. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

    Helpful? 3 0
  45. Casey

    Great book, excellent quality.

    I loved that this book comes with a link inside that you can use to access the workbook online. When purchasing I didn’t know this would be an option so it was a very pleasant surprise. This has allowed me to print out the worksheets and don’t have to write in the book directly!

    Helpful? 3 0
  46. J Bergh

    Best book I've read on c-ptsd

    I highly recommend this book. This is by far THE best book I have read for C-ptsd – and I have read a lot of books that did not help me at all.
    The author, Pete, is very open with his own struggles with C-ptsd and how he recovered and how he has helped his clients recover.

    Helpful? 2 0
  47. Shelob Von Frankenstein

    Life changing literature

    As a therapist, this book (and The Body Keeps the Score) is an absolute masterpiece to helping people, myself included, understand my body, experiences, emotions, thoughts and relationship patterns. Please read this if you are struggling and know you are seen and loved. Please reach out to a mental health professional ❤️

    Helpful? 2 0
  48. Dusty

    Insightful and validating

    My husband and I are currently reading through this book. There is a lot of information that is incredibly helpful. But if you do struggle with being triggered by the content as my husband does, give yourself lots of time to read chapter by chapter. We read a chapter a week and discuss the content which really is robust and incredibly validating. The author himself often refers back to his own arduous healing journey and gives you the assurance that you’re not alone and that it’s a multi layered healing journey that is possible for you to walk through as well. We would highly recommend it. Even if you don’t identify with the actively abusive childhood, he discusses neglect a lot which also manifests itself in CPTSD as well when your emotional needs were not met as a child. Go read it!

    Helpful? 2 0
  49. Kristina B Foster


    Best book ever! This has helped me soooo much. Anyone suffering should pick up this book. My therapist had recommended it and she wasn’t kidding.

    Helpful? 2 0
  50. Wendy

    Best Dialectical Behavior Therapy book

    This book has been a godsend… it’s teaching me how to regulate my thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions…I suffer from mental illness, depression, anxiety, paranoia with my disorder, along with assuming the worst and irrational suspicions with myself and others. This book has turned my thinking to be more positive and I’m finally able to recognize when my bad thoughts come up and I’m able to turn it to positive with the help of the tools from this book. This book is a life changer. Hope anyone struggling with trauma, paranoia or suicide or other mental struggles, gives this book a try.

    Helpful? 2 0
  51. Deboralee

    Very well written

    Love this book so far, it is very informative yet simple to read. Most books about certain subjects tend to bore but this is a great read with examples and a lot of great/helpful information.. definitely recommend for those studying or going through cptsd

    Helpful? 2 0
  52. Chemnitz

    Essential reading

    The author speaks with a concise, profound insight that is easily understood and put to use. He hits the bull’s-eye over and over again by avoiding lengthy theoretical conversations and delivering recovery concepts in bite-sized chunks that are easily digested. CPTSD survivors will find a great deal of practical and accessible help in these pages.

    Helpful? 2 0
  53. Radio Buff

    Very Concise...

    This book is a page-turner! It made me understand that unequivocally I have CPTSD. The descriptions of the condition’s components are so very well done. It’s very compelling to keep reading and to learn how to understand and get over the condition.. just understanding it is half the journey…

    Helpful? 2 0
  54. Kimberly Johnson

    Reading this book, seems written for me.

    I have st started reading this book. On so many levels it sounds like it was written for me. I feel relieved that I have a diagnosis of CPTSD with borderline personality and generalized anxiety. My doctor confirmed it and this book will help me understand more about myself. I look forward to the CPTSD workbook next. Thank you for researching and writing this book. I would give 10 stars if I could.

    Helpful? 2 0
  55. Ima Cuss Tomer

    Book arrived.

    I like this book and I want to share with friends.

    Helpful? 2 0
  56. inlori Customer

    Thank You!

    This is one of the best recovery books for my childhood trauma! Pete Walker comes with so much authenticity as he experience it too. His compassion shines through in this book. You won’t be disappointed if you also had childhood trauma in your past. This book will be so educational to healing.

    Helpful? 2 0
  57. Myriam Rabaste

    Fantastic tool for therapy

    I run DBT groups and this is the must have book for therapists. So many people’s lives have been impacted for the best with these!

    Helpful? 2 0
  58. Jennifer

    This book is best

    I am autistic and have borderline personality disorder. This book has really helped refreshed my memory on the skills my therapist has been teaching me. I feel I am really benefitting from this book. It instructs you on all the skills in a detailed fashion and is really the only book you will ever need for DBT.

    Helpful? 2 0
  59. Christine Frost

    Enlightening: take your time with it

    This was a hard but incredibly impactful read. I learned so much about how my experiences shaped how I’ve been interacting with the world for years. This book has been a great adjunct to therapy. I finally have the right terms and concepts to understand what I’ve been going through, and with that, I feel like a healing journey can begin.

    Helpful? 2 0
  60. Holly

    For work with therapist...

    This workbook is for GUIDED therapy sessions. Not really designed for self-help. My therapist suggested this workbook because that was the program SHE used. Many of the forms are for recording the same info, but in different ways. It was a little confusing at first. I realize Linehan was the “founder” of DBT, but there are better books out there for solitary use that have better explanations, ideas and examples. I also purchased the associated Blue book, but found that was designed more for the therapist than self-help.

    Helpful? 2 0
  61. NG

    Most quintessential book I have ever read to heal my life

    This book offers a brilliant reflection of a struggle that happened inside of me for years and years that I could never quite explain. It made me feel so seen and so understood. I could finally begin to deal with the invisible foe that I had always had been struggling with inside of me. I wasn’t sure why I could ever have something so severe as CPTSD but this book makes me realize that we probably know lots of people that have it. Considering our culture now normalizes both parents working and not being around much emotionally or physically it is probably way more common than we think. I have recommended this book to many people who scoffed at the title saying they don’t have PTSD but then said they read it again and again as therein lies the answers that they have been seeking all along. Thank you Pete Walker for this amazing book and teaching me these tools. I am so very far on my road to recovery now. A masterpiece.

    Helpful? 2 0
  62. warblerbg

    Want to feel confident and happy? =Emotional intelligence!

    I’m confident every human needs this book that has ever struggled in managing their responses/reactions ! Want to better understand the human condition and how to better respond? This book goes step by step with effective tools ! In only 3 months I am happier and having EASE in conversations in professional and romantic relationships! DBT is an amazing therapy unlike CBT that helps you reframe your thoughts, manage your emotions so that you can be confident in your communication and feelings. Try it…and get a life coach! We are all human, we all need to do the work! Our parents didn’t even know about this stuff…let’s all heal together and be happy in the way we are!

    Helpful? 2 0
  63. James F Johnson

    A MUST READ. Best book I've ever read on the topic of living with Trauma

    This book is a must read for anyone who lives with personality issues you wish you could control (like mood swings, depression, addiction, irrational fears, suicidal ideation, etc.). I have read many, many books on these topics, and none of them have hit the mark as accurately as this one. This book is also a must read if you have anyone in your life; a spouse, lover, relative or friend, who struggles with mood swings, irrational fears, suicidal ideation, addiction, unreasonable irritation, etc. The author absolutely understands the ins and outs of Complex PTSD, and the plight of those of us who live in the aftermath of demeaning childhoods. I now see why I struggle to keep my mood level. I also see why so many people I know are irritable, addictive, closed minded, moody, etc. I would recommend this book to everyone. It’s an eye-opener for how life works after we survive our childhoods and want to gain control of our moods and our fears and our confusion as adults.

    Helpful? 2 0
  64. Darla A Greene

    Wise Mind and Radical Acceptance.

    I have been in a DBT Group but due to the Coronavirus Group has been put on Hold. This Book is Just What I Needed/Need to Keep Myself in Mindfullness and Wise Mind.

    Helpful? 2 0
  65. Lucy

    Good Info. Very Disorganized

    This book is a wealth of information…..BUT…..trying to follow along is a nightmare. it is severely disorganized. Trying to follow along in any therapy situation is a nightmare. Handouts in this section….worksheets in another….flipping back and forth takes up more time than doing the exercising….so sad. Bummed I spent the money. So so confusing. Truly need to take the book apart and reorganize in a binder just so I can follow along.

    Helpful? 2 0
  66. Mimi

    I bought it because it was recommended to me

    This book is designed to work with a therapist or a class. I bought it because it was recommended to me, however without my Theraphist I would not fully understand.

    Helpful? 2 0
  67. Nekota

    Binding untrustworthy, but content is excellent

    My only complaint about this book is that the binding coil broke within the first two days. Otherwise the actual content is great, especially used in concert with the second edition DBT training manual.

    Helpful? 2 0
  68. Lewis Tagliaferre

    Comprehensive as far as it goes...

    Having worked through dbt in group and private therapy for major depression in aging…at my age of 83… I find this work hard to apply to my situation. ..dbt therapy is intended for class presentation with telephone follow up and team delivery….so this book is not a text in the usual sense but rather a collection of the handouts to be used with worksheets by the therapist. As such, Linehan admits that it is a shot gun approach and needs to selectively edited and chosen to meet the various needs of diverse clients. It is not intended as a self-help text book. Moreover, the whole corpus of dbt rests mainly on the Buddhist concept of mindfulness, which is the cornerstone of the other three modules of emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance. Of the latter she claims the only solution is radical acceptance of reality because the present is the culmination of all the precedent causes and thus is inevitable…which is predeterminism and of course negates human free will and speaks of theological fatalism. In addition, Linehan admits her work is based on research of existing methods and that she stole it from other sources so it is not all that original. The fact that it has been applied to all types of mental issues although it was developed specifically to treat borderline personality disorder indicates that it has become a meme…a contagious idea…that takes on a life of its own. Since it culminates her life work digging out of youthful bpd herself, I give her three stars for effort, but I wish she would apply her considerable credentials to more likely issues in aging as she is now into her seventies and probably could speak from experience…here is hoping. Meantime you could look up theofatalism if you believe in God.

    Helpful? 2 0
  69. Rob Crumpton

    This is the handout and worksheet manual for Marsha Linehan's ...

    This is the handout and worksheet manual for Marsha Linehan’s Manual on DBT training. Not a place to start, but Linehan is and has been the leading authority on DBT training

    Helpful? 2 0
  70. James Keyes

    Great 2nd edition.

    Much better forms and handouts than the older version. More clear directions about how patients can use them directly. Well I previously felt more comfortable using Connie Callahans worksheets, with the release of these worksheets I will probably move to Dr. Linehans as my go-to.

    Helpful? 2 0
  71. Satisfied customer

    Great condition

    This product was brand new. No issues at all.

    Helpful? 0 0
  72. Randy Blaustein

    A must read.

    An excellent, approachable resource for anyone who has survived childhood trauma or neglect.

    Helpful? 0 0
  73. Lynanda Gonzales

    Buy this book!

    This book is unbelievable. This book has given me the tools to completely understand myself and has guided me out of just surviving. As a result of Peter Walker’s work, my life has more meaning and I am filled with renewed hope for a healthy future 😀

    Helpful? 0 0
  74. Inlori Customer

    A must have for trauma survivors

    This book has helped immensely in understanding myself and those who have left me in this state.

    Helpful? 0 0
  75. D. B. S.

    Wishing DBT had been in my life 25 years ago

    For a long time I felt manualized psychotherapy & evidence or research-based therapy was baloney. Today I just wish more professionals had jumped on the evidence/research-based bandwagon a long time ago and techniques like DBT were more widely accepted, instead of the horrible and un-tested methods that were commonly used prior to Y2K.

    I wish I had this book – and the DBT therapist I have today – 25 years ago. It could have changed my life and saved my relationship. Glad I found it anyway. Great reference even after the therapy is done – helps one to remember what was discussed. Its even valuable to those who are unable to obtain face to face therapy.

    Helpful? 0 0
  76. This is me

    Great buy. Very helpful

    Not completely finished with it but it has been great, so far. I knew that I was struggling with some issues caused by it but I recently got an official Cptsd diagnosis and have since started to read through this. It explains so much about things I didn’t even realize were related. Can also bring up intense feelings. So I make sure I’m going to be at home for a while and/or have a therapy appointment ready to help!

    Helpful? 0 0
  77. Destiny Yates

    Great read

    A good book

    Helpful? 0 0
  78. Theresa Grant


    Great book!

    Helpful? 0 0
  79. Jennie Hamilton Overcast

    Use This Book for DBT Skills Group

    This is the book assigned to me for my DBT skills group sessions and I love it. Lots of great info and easy to follow. Only complaint is that it’s rather cumbersome because of how heavy it is (spiral notebook binding). But it’s so great because it’s loaded with info.

    Helpful? 0 0
  80. Audrey

    Just what my daughter's Counselor

    Very helpful and the 1 my daughter’s counselor told her she needed. Its very helpful

    Helpful? 0 0
  81. Eileen spence

    Great new knowledge

    In depth look at all aspects of PTSD

    Helpful? 0 0
  82. Pandash

    Love it!

    A great book full of useful worksheets to use in therapy

    Helpful? 0 0
  83. Nunya Biznazz


    Good read

    Helpful? 0 0
  84. susan wahl

    For use in a DBT skills group

    To me it was another textbook I needed to buy. It is for “homework” and I’m still trying to fit into the group. But it is greatly recommended in DBT circles, so hopefully it’ll help me.

    Helpful? 0 0
  85. kitkat123

    Great book

    For those who suffer from PTSD, this book explains why you feel the way you do and what tools can help. You are not crazy. You have PTSD. Highly recommend from some who suffers from Complex PTSD.

    Helpful? 0 0
  86. inlori Customer

    No doubt wonderful book.

    I love this books, truly life changing and enlightening. Most useful books ive read. Founded my love and passion for reading .

    Helpful? 0 0
  87. Inlori Customer

    Life changing read.

    Explained my whole life and helped me on the road to healing.

    Helpful? 0 0
  88. Greg

    Great packaging and received on time

    One of the best books I’ve read in dealing with relationship

    Helpful? 0 0
  89. MDM

    Recommend for all!

    This book is incredible and extremely relatable to all human beings. I believe everyone could read this book and find themselves described in one way or another somewhere in it. Whether you are learning to deal with or wanting to learn about your own attachment type, or are seeking to understand a friend or family member, this book is here to do that without all the technical jargon.

    Helpful? 0 0
  90. Faith Fisher

    Fast shipping

    Already started readying and WOW I’m so impressed with how many topics this book addresses! It’s a nice size! Worth my money for sure.

    Helpful? 0 0
  91. Harmony

    So helpful

    I can’t say enough good about this book. I’m not even all the way through it but it has been so helpful.

    Helpful? 0 0
  92. TBree

    Real Problems, Real Solutions

    This book was very clear to understand and addressed the major issues of someone with different types of trauma and different types of levels of “that” trauma. It was well defined. If needed to get unstuck faster it gave references as to what chapters or section addresses “that” situation. Overall I give this book a big thumbs up. It saved a lot of headaches. 🙂

    Helpful? 0 0
  93. Candace Soto

    Must buy

    I have never learned so much about myself in just one book! This book is packed with information and it is conveyed in a very understandable way.

    Helpful? 0 0
  94. Kelli Taylor

    Exactly what I needed and ordered!

    I am thrilled to have my own copy of the book. It will be well used!

    Helpful? 0 0
  95. inlori Customer

    Extremely helpful book

    I have read lots of books related to emotional healing and recovery. This is by far the most helpful book because it detailed the road map to self-discovery and healing and make it very “workable” step by step. I am seeking counselling now and at the same studying counselling. This book brings better perspective to modern psychology because it touches the core of the issue.

    Helpful? 0 0
  96. boofreak

    Best book ever on this topic

    Such a clear, articulate explanation of complex ptsd with a general road map toward healing. I love the emphasis on the impact of emotional abuse and neglect vs the physical abuse.

    Helpful? 0 0
  97. Cindy

    Very useful

    I have used this book before for my clients but needed a new one. Love it.

    Helpful? 0 0
  98. inlori Customer


    I’m so happy I found this book. Some days my emotional flashbacks are debilitating… Right on the first page-first chapter he provides a page number for steps to calm yourself with emotional flashbacks. i tend to numb/freeze during mine & my body gets very stressed and i can’t do anything, Ever since beginning this book, I’m already more aware of my body, aware of more of my triggers and i’m more able to talk myself thru these times. Cried 3 times my first time reading it!

    Helpful? 0 0
  99. Tink

    A wonderful thing for the world. Hope.

    A masterpiece of work that would help so many people. Doable steps that are working for me to become

    Helpful? 0 0
  100. KPV

    saved my life

    This book saved my life. I’ve never felt so understood by someone, let alone a grown man. I also had no idea the painful sporadic depression and dissociations I was having are called “emotional flashbacks”.

    I can’t thank Pete Walker enough for all he’s done for survivors, and it’s tearful to see his picture on the back of the cover. Thank you!

    Helpful? 0 0
  101. Christina

    Definitely useful


    Helpful? 0 0
  102. A. Paz

    Great book!!

    This book has really brought distinction to a lot of areas that were undistinguished before. It beautifully breaks down what is/was at play and the effects. I feel like it had expedited my growth 10X in the short time it took to read it. It’s a gem and I can’t recommend it enough.

    Helpful? 0 0
  103. MELANIE

    Very helpful for a variety of issues

    I like that this describes how to help with certain situations, feelings, and coping, and gives you worksheets to show what you used or how you used this information to help with certain feelings or situations. It has been very helpful to me for multiple issues!

    Helpful? 0 0
  104. Elizabeth

    In perfect shape

    Book was in perfect shape and arrived when promised

    Helpful? 0 0
  105. Mikkie

    Looks great!

    Perfect condition! However I’m not sure if there was a perfume or oil from some unknown place on it but the package and book itself have a strong perfume smell to it.

    Helpful? 0 0
  106. Marilyn Adams

    Explains well

    Easy to understand and well written

    Helpful? 0 0
  107. Maritza Meza

    DBT Handbook

    Very useful when trying to learn DBT skills. A lot of skills/tools to utilize.

    Helpful? 0 0
  108. Hilary

    Really helped me understand DBT and how to use it daily

    We used this book in class and it has become a daily read for me. So many amazing ways to learn how to apply DBT into your daily life.

    Helpful? 0 0
  109. DaVincis Muse

    You Really Should Read This Book

    If you have Complex-PTSD, this comprehensive book by a Psychotherapist who experienced his own recovery from it is the best bibliotherapist you could ask for.

    I learned so much about myself from reading Pete’s guidebook to understanding what Complex-PTSD is, how it effects me, and how to recover from it that the few dollars I paid for it seems inadequate gratitude.

    Pete Walker figuratively holds your hand as he guides you through the educational process of what Complex-PTSD is, and how you can escape it.

    There’s nothing better than a therapist who understands because they once stood where you stand now and recovered.

    Pete Walker has given me hope because he not only turned on the lights inside my prison of Complex-PTSD to help me understand where I actually am, but he has shown me how to escape it…

    Helpful? 0 0
  110. Michelle S. Creager

    Important skills

    I’m using this book as an outline for a class I’m taking. I only just started using the book but it has some great ideas!

    Helpful? 0 0
  111. Foofie

    How to access online worksheets?

    I love this manual and find it incredibly helpful but I cannot figure out how to access the online worksheets!

    Helpful? 0 0
  112. Shay

    Game changer

    This book has taught me important life skills that I use in every area of my life. It teaches how to identify and control emotions. Also you learn how to set healthy boundaries.

    Helpful? 0 0
  113. Patti

    Great tool

    If you are in the market for a DBT workbook I would recommend this book. I was skeptical about spending the money on it, but I’m glad I did!

    Helpful? 0 0
  114. Kesha Villaca

    Good book bad craftsmanship

    Wow what a read. Just amazing author and he knows exactly what we are going through. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and what I have been feeling all this time made so much sense. If you struggle get this book. If you don’t like a section skip it. welcome yourself to have an opportunity to think freely. You will cry when reading this because all the things you didn’t understand before will now make sense

    Helpful? 0 0
  115. blessitall

    Buy it now

    This book saved me. if you have ptsd/c-ptsd or any form of childhood trauma this is a must read. You literally don’t need to even second guess this the price of this book is so low compared to the sheer amount of life changing information inside.

    The only critique is that I felt there were times where the writing style was a bit intense/triggering (even though it’s all very true) which made it hard to get through at times. Also probably could have simplified some of the words to be just a bit less jargon-y. But again, I owe my life to this book. Read it with an open mind and make absolutely sure to reflect and PROCESS the information you’re reading realistically with a qualified trauma therapist but at a minimum by journaling and reflecting.

    Helpful? 0 0
  116. nor mas

    Not user friendly - confusing layout

    I’m a therapist and I wanted to increase my knowledge on DBT. So I chose the book written by the author even though I’ve read author books my numerous authors .
    I’m busy and I can’t deal with the CHAOTIC layout of this book . I will be returning purely because the layout makes no sense and I don’t have the time to read a poorly constructed book .
    The frustrating thing is the knowledge in this book is good stuff , but what use is it to anyone if it’s too frustrating to navigate . The writing style and organization is a hard pass for me. I would absolutely not recommend this book to clients due to what I have mentioned.

    Helpful? 0 0
  117. Bryna

    It’s complicated need to do in a class

    Very deep consents hard to implementing… can be life changing if u can

    Helpful? 0 0
  118. Beverly Long

    Science-based, research-based skills training

    As always, Marsha Linehan’s work is superb. The skills are laid out in easy to understand format, and this edition she has added many, many examples of how to use each skill. Her work is impeccable – she accepts nothing that doesn’t have research to document its effectiveness to teach to the clients reached by this program. She insists on only the best, and she delivers.

    Helpful? 0 0
  119. Anderdotter

    Great content. Book fell apart.

    Great content. The book is understandable, down to earth. A person can skip around and not lose impact. Excellent reference section. I am disappointed my book fell apart in first week. I hold it together with an elastic.

    Helpful? 0 0
  120. melinda

    Overall a very specific lived experience and validating approach to (C)PTSD

    I’ve read many books, blogs, and studies on PTSD but never has one actually been such a relatable experience as reading it in this book. I think this is a great tool for anyone doing trauma navigation in conjunction with trauma informed therapy. It made many of the thoughts I never even think to share in therapy feel finally validated. My only criticism of the book so far is that it reads as slightly outdated in terms of certain terminology related to gender roles and identity. If you identify as anything besides cis heterosexual, you may want to read certain parts with a grain of salt in knowing the author is speaking from a less progressive, informed time period.

    Helpful? 0 0
  121. Amanda

    Excellent resource for trying to work past habitual anxiety and panic attacks

    I am always wary of self-help books, but my therapist assigned this to me and he was spot on!! While not everything in the book feels relevant to my individual lived experiences, the general patterns and strategies to overcome them certainly do. I almost immediately noticed a difference in my ability to notice and correct my “toxic critic”, put a name to the overwhelming panic attacks I was having and acquired practical strategies to overcome them.

    I reccommend having a note book and hi-liter at the ready as you read: it’s dense with information you’ll want to visit over and over again during your recovery. I’ll probably read this again in a year or so, after I’ve had some time to try and work through my anxiety. Excellent resource. Wouldn’t be getting nearly as much out of therapy without it!

    Helpful? 0 0
  122. J

    Great content. Organization/ease of finding things not great.

    Info/content and exercises are excellent. Book is unwieldy and difficult to use. Organization and numbering of lessons and worksheets is confusing and makes finding things difficult. I would prefer the handouts and worksheets to be together. Also, I think tabs or color coding of the sections/units would be helpful.

    Helpful? 0 0
  123. inlori Customer

    What does it mean?!?!

    I ordered this on April 5th. It arrived April 7th. In the very back… it says ” Made in the USA. Middletown, DE. 06 April 2021! Impossible!

    Helpful? 0 0
  124. Joe Uhl

    Even if you don't think you have PTSD or C-PTSD, you should buy this book!

    I was on the fence and naturally defensive about thinking I had PTSD. I had never been assaulted to the degree I felt would merit PTSD…I had never been in a combat zone, etc…
    It’s surprising now to understand why I’ve had so much trouble sleeping, being in bed only realizing it was hours later, feeling my heart rate is up and being aware that my mind was stressing about something below the surface I was not fully understanding. Or why I’d log in to work each morning with an intense and complete PANIC that I couldn’t identify…a faceless all encompassing FEAR and irrational DREAD. Or why I became so utterly unable to do SIMPLE things and felt so stupid and ashamed. Or why I would break down because facing this unseen enemy had convinced me that I could not overcome and just wanted to somehow opt out of all this.
    If you are dealing with anything at all like this…or know someone who is acting impulsively and out of control…buy this book. If nothing else it will give you insight into the profound suffering of those around you.

    Helpful? 0 0
  125. Emily Thomas

    A true life-changing guide, practice the skills it will change you for the better!!!!

    This workbook should be The model for life. There isn’t a person that cannot benefit from practicing these skills taught in Marsha’s book. In fact if these skills were taught to our kids from kindergarten, they would grow up knowing how to express their emotions in a healthy manner, be more effective communicators, from personal relationships to the workplace, know how to set healthy boundaries in all areas of life, they would learn how to mitigate their own stress by utilizing the techniques taught to them in mindfulness and emotional regulation. Not to mention how much more emotionally intelligent they would become simply as a side effect. I could go on and on. I’m a huge fan because it’s practical and it works, I could write a book on why it works!

    Helpful? 0 0
  126. Sherry Noto

    More like a self help book for individuals to use not a therapist intervention book

    I like the book, very fast delivery of item. Very please with the fast arrival. I would have liked if the book had more suggestions on how to do behavior modifications, most of the book is just workbook activities and not therapeutic interventions that therapist can use in therapy. Seems more like a self help book, and not a book for therapist to gain insight and skills from.

    Helpful? 0 0
  127. inlori Customer

    Wonderful book :) very helpful

    I like how easy it is to understand this book and how easy everything is to comprehend. I have been using dear man and deep breathing strategies and I love them! they work well. I don’t have BPD and this book is incredibly helpful even for me. I think it’s a book everybody should own

    Helpful? 0 0
  128. Ed

    Helpful Resource

    Marsha Linehan, the primary developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, recommends using the DBT Skills Training Manual to evaluate the treatment approach, then us DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets to fit the specific handouts and worksheets.

    Helpful? 0 0
  129. Alice Unicorn

    Excellent theoretical analysis of trauma

    Excellent theoretical analysis of the causes and effects associated with trauma. Less room for authentic self reflection and writing than with a workbook.

    Helpful? 0 0
  130. live42day

    For anyone who wishes to modify their behavior.

    I bought this workbook at the suggestion of my therapist.

    I have already found some of the information very helpful; I have been able to look back on certain behaviors and actively learn how I could do things differently to achieve a more desireable result.

    This book was suggested to me as a supplement to one-on-one therapy, but it is suitable for anyone wishing to modify their behavior.

    Helpful? 0 0
  131. Jef Bryant

    Guide book and map for trauma city

    If you suffer from hair triggered emotional flash backs, you would benefit from reading it at least skimming this book. If you don’t know what an emotional flash back is, this is the book for you. If your in a relationship with a different of CPTSD, definitely obtain this book.
    For once I was able to follow a self-help book that fit.

    Helpful? 0 0
  132. E. L. Fough

    DBT is changing my life. This book is bulky, but useful.

    I love DBT. I do not know how well I could follow it without group skills class, though.

    I write my notes in pencil, so I can continue to re-use this.

    Pretty sturdy, I’ve carted it back and forth to class for a few months before lockdown, now it bumps around my living room.

    Prefer this to the .pdf versions, but those are great for printing out worksheets. I also printed a couple and laminated them for reuse (the pre-phone coaching one)

    Helpful? 0 0
  133. Pat Grogan.

    A good enough start to ending panic attacks.

    This book used descriptions of situations to tie the concept to the application. Written at a “readable” rather than clinical level. Definition of terms used was helpful to understanding the idea presented. Some repetition for emphasis.

    Helpful? 0 0
  134. Stephen Noglows

    Worth the Read

    Excellent book, in great condition.

    Helpful? 0 0
  135. jd

    Great book

    Great book for your practice

    Helpful? 0 0
  136. JL

    A LOT of material

    Good content

    Helpful? 0 0
  137. Lisa McDaniel


    Just as described

    Helpful? 0 0
  138. Sherry

    Worth it!

    I’m only on Chapter 3 but this well-written book is proving to be extremely informative. The wildly scattered puzzle pieces of my life are slowing being put into place and making sense. I recommend this one.

    Helpful? 0 0
  139. Pam

    Great for therapists

    I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it’s not really user friendly. The tools and worksheets are all amazing, but it takes some getting use to the format.

    Helpful? 0 0
  140. Andy Doane

    Good Book for Anyone with PSTD

    Good book for understanding PTSD. Recommend for anyone who is suffering from PTSD to gain a better understanding of the symptoms, why you feel the way you do, and ways to cope with it.

    Helpful? 0 0
  141. Jeanne M Haselier

    Great material

    This is a well written book and has great material but it was not the book that I needed. Would recommend it for those in DBT though!

    Helpful? 0 0
  142. inlori Customer

    Organized poorly.

    Poorly organized, but great material. Better than other DBT books, for sure.

    Helpful? 0 0
  143. Jennifer Bugg

    It is wonderful to be able to have the permission to reproduce ...

    It is wonderful to be able to have the permission to reproduce for clients. It has been a true joy to work with clients using these. My only wish is that they were not “spiral bound.” It makes it very hard to copy them. It would be more helpful if they were in a ring binder or even loose leaf.

    Helpful? 0 0
  144. FenixRyzng

    Great materials. Program not for everyone

    The book, handouts, and worksheets are all very good and easy to follow. DBT isn’t for everyone, and I didn’t have much success. But the book and materials are very good.

    Helpful? 0 0
  145. inlori Customer

    Can't find the website access that is supposed to come with the book

    I love this book, however it said I would have access to a website about the book, but I’m not finding details about that anywhere. If I can find that I will update it to 5 stars

    Helpful? 0 0
  146. SH03

    Great handouts and MIndfulness worksheets to use!

    Marsha Linehan is the founder of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This Skills Trainng Handouts and Worksheets can be confusing if you’re not familiar with DBT. If you’re familiar with DBT this is a great to work with clients. Love the MIndfullness.

    Helpful? 0 0
  147. Ross Hopkins

    These skills work, but you also have to work at it

    Great book, has all the information and training/learning you need to acquire and use DBT skills.

    Helpful? 0 0
  148. Miriam Kurvink

    Four Stars

    Just started working on it.. So far loving it..

    Helpful? 0 0
  149. inlori Customer

    Many therapy skills are part of DBT. She has ...

    Many therapy skills are part of DBT. She has them written for the DBT program but they can be used in other ways also.

    Helpful? 0 0
  150. María Isabel Bouzas Malvar

    Marsha Linehan skills for Borderline traits

    Very useful skills to be practiced with the help of professional staff

    Helpful? 0 0
  151. raleighyogini

    Helpful for Self-Study

    Some information seems redundant, especially if you have prior training in mindfulness. I did not find the worksheets very helpful, but the handouts are helpful for reviewing and reinforcing key points.

    Helpful? 0 0
  152. Blushing Bride


    I’m finding the acronyms in the book have been extremely beneficial for me. I also like the exercises. Thank goodness for Marsha Linehan.

    Helpful? 0 0
  153. LastdayofApril

    The skills are excellent!! highly recommend for anyone looking to improve ...

    The skills are excellent!! highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their control of emotions. Workbook style. Only wish the cover and book overall were more durable. Also the organization is a bit confusing. A definite improvement from the first edition.

    Helpful? 0 0
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