Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Workbook: Treatment Strategies for Cluster B Personality Disorders

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Developed from years of experience working with complex and challenging clients, Daniel Fox, PhD has created the ultimate workbook to effectively treat clients with antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.
Utilize unique worksheets, checklists and other exercises to diagnose, tackle specific issues, reduce problematic symptoms and keep therapy moving forward. Take advantage of concrete methods to:
Reduce self-mutilation and other risky behaviors
Improve attachment, collaboration and trust
Conquer maladaptive beliefs and diffuse narcissistic resistance
Assess transference/countertransference issues
Determine narcissistic drives for perfection and excellence
Lessen flirtatious behaviors
Apply DBT strategies and skills into treatment

5 reviews for Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic and Histrionic Workbook: Treatment Strategies for Cluster B Personality Disorders

  1. Rachel Miller

    This is a great book for working with personalities

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  2. Tracy A.

    Good content for the therapist and client.

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  3. Southern Belle

    Good for understanding and helping clients with PD.

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  4. Farsinell

    Just not for me. I bought it for someone but after reviewing it and taking some tests we realized that we didn’t have any of this personality disorders. If u do or a love one this book is perfect for you

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  5. Janelle F.

    I bought this book to help with my troubled son who has been acting out in extreme ways for over 2 years. We have had everyone(intake nurses, police, attorney, counselors, doctors) tell us what he is: bipolar, schizophrenic, borderline etc. Intuitively I knew he wasn’t all of these things. Even though I am not a therapist or able to have my son complete these questionnaires, I can see what categories he most likely is in(and not in) by completing them on my own. The text also gave me reflection on my own position within these classifications, as well as others involved in his life and upbringing. It also clearly explains the why behind the classification. The book was very content rich yet easy to understand. It gave me a great depth of understanding of the different types of personalities and also provided a great deal of clarity. Very helpful for me so I can communicate with the people who are interacting and helping my son. Also a tool for my communications with him. Very grateful to have found this book.

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